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Interesting Facts (15 pics)

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Taking a hot bath can help relieve feelings of loneliness, according to researchers from Yale University.

1 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

Dogs can get a sense of when you're supposed to be home from work based on how much of your scent is left in the house.

2 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

During pregnancy, if a mother suffers organ damage, the fetus sends stem cells to repair the damaged organ.

3 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

Rewatching your favorite movies, shows, and listening to your favorite songs repeatedly can help your brain relax by putting it at ease.

4 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

People are who are forced to smile at work may be more likely to drink heavily, according to research conducted at Penn State University.

5 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

Bees like to take little 15 to 30 seconds naps in flowers.

6 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

If you were to dig a tunnel straight through Earth and drop an object in, it would take 42.2 minutes for it to get to the other side (if there were no air resistance to slow it down).

7 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

While sound can disrupt our sleep, scent cannot.
You can't rely on your sense of smell to wake you up in the event of a house fire.

8 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

Staring into someone's eyes for 10 minutes can induce an altered state of consciousness and cause you to hallucinate.

9 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

Lawyers are 3.6 times as likely as non-lawyers to suffer from depression than those who work in other fields, according to research from Johns Hopkins University.

10 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

Sloths enjoy sunbathing and bask near the tops of trees to get warm.

11 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

Losing just two hours of sleep is enough to make you angrier the next day, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

12 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

"Now That’s What I Call Music!" is still around and currently on its 71st volume.

13 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

An estimated 30 people are bitten by squirrels in New York City every year.

14 Interesting Facts (15 pics)

A "moment" was a medieval unit of time equal to modern 90 seconds.

15 Interesting Facts (15 pics)


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