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Learn how to play roulette with these 5 pictures

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  • 18 Oct, 2019  |
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Use our exclusive picture guide to learn how to play the classic game of roulette. We will talk you through each step of the game from understanding the layout of the table, placing your bets, and calculating payouts, all with the help of our useful in-game pictures. We’ve taken the pictures from the free online roulette website but we want you to know that our guide can be used on any roulette game out there today:

1) The Roulette Table

1 Learn how to play roulette with these 5 pictures

All of your bets must be placed on the roulette table using specially coloured chips provided by the casino. The 0 to 36 numbers are displayed in relation to the roulette wheel and it’s here that you place your chips down on either of the inside or outside bets. The racetrack bets can be seen to the right of the image below and these are additional side bets that are often available throughout the game (these bets will be explained below).

2) The Roulette Wheel

2 Learn how to play roulette with these 5 pictures

The roulette wheel holds 37 different pockets from 0 to 36. Once all bets have been placed and/or the time limit has passed, the dealer will spin the wheel and throw the roulette ball in the opposite direction to start the game. The fate of your bet is now all down to where the roulette ball will land...

3) Dealer Announces The Winner

3 Learn how to play roulette with these 5 pictures

Once the ball comes to a stop and lands in a pocket on the wheel, the dealer (or the computer in the case of online or mobile roulette) will announce the winning number and colour and then place his marker on the table to display the winning bets. Any losing bets will be removed with the chips being passed back to the dealer.

4) Roulette Bets

4 Learn how to play roulette with these 5 pictures

The two popular groups of bets when playing roulette are the Inside and Outside bets. The Inside bets are placed on the main section of the table displaying the numbers 1 to 36. The Outside bets are placed on the bottom section of the table and include bets such as red/black and odd/even bets. We’ll describe each of these now for you:

Inside Bets
Single Number - The highest payout at 1-35 means you’ll get 35x your bet stake.
Split - Select two joining numbers for a 1-17 payout.
Street/Line - Select three horizontally joining numbers for a 1-11 payout.
Corner/Quad - Select four adjacent numbers for a 1-8 payout.
Double Street - Select two joining rows of numbers for a 1-5 payout.

Outside Bets
A collection of bets on the outside of the betting table include the options to bet on a group of numbers and colours, such as red/black, odd/even, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, all of which payout evens, so you’ll win the value of your bet plus your initial bet back. You can also bet on blocks of twelve numbers (1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36) which payout at 1-2, meaning you will get double your bet value plus your initial bet back if you win.

5) Roulette Side Bets

5 Learn how to play roulette with these 5 pictures

Displayed to the side of most roulette games you will find a racetrack section and it’s here that you can place various side bets during the game. These can be divided into two types of bets, call bets and neighbour bets:

Call Bets
Tiers du Cylindre - Bet on 12 numbers that cover a section of the wheel with up to 1-17 payout
Orphelins - Bet on 8 numbers that sit next to each other on the weel with up to 1-35 payout
Voisins du Zero - A combination of bets that covers 17 numbers on the wheel with up to 1-17 payout
Jeu 0 - Bet on 7 numbers including the zero with up to 1-35 payout

Neighbour Bets
A standard Neighbour bet includes five numbers in total, the number you choose and then two numbers either side will make up the bet. In some games, you are given the option to increase the number of “Neighbours” to cover more numbers on the wheel.

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