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Why You Should Go For DIY Caskets And How To Make One

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  • 17 Oct, 2019  |
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1 Why You Should Go For DIY Caskets And How To Make One

There are many people who do not even discuss their death and are scared to have an open conversation on their mortality. Some people, on the other hand, are not just inevitably open about it but also want to plan it according to their preferences. Prearranging funeral service is one of the trending things today. People are coming forward to plan their funeral like one of the biggest day of their life.

From purchasing a cemetery plot to deciding the type of flowers used to decorate the venue, you can customize everything for your funeral beforehand. DIY caskets are also a part of pre-planning the funeral. Some people like to design their own caskets according to personal preferences before they die, so that they can rest in favorite casket. Not only for personal use, if you are good at the designing skills, you can also put your caskets for sale, some of them can easily cost more than ten thousands dollars. 
Why You Should Think About DIY Caskets?

There is more than one reason to make your customized caskets. Following are three of the basic reasons to create your own caskets. 
Personalized Touch and Unique Style

If you enjoy working with wood and carving out details, then making caskets will enable you to give a personalized touch to your caskets. Rather than settling on the products offered in the market, you can avail a customized casket with personalized features. 
Affordable Than a Market Casket

Another reason for thinking about DIY caskets is the affordability. Making a casket on your own will let you avail casket at a much lower price compared to the one brought from the market. Caskets are extremely expensive that can severely influence your funeral budget. Hence, it is a smart move to make your own caskets. 
Go Green With Your Casket

DIY funeral casket or coffins will allow you to build a natural container promoting green burial. It is a burial form where the deceased are buried through eco-friendly methods without affecting the environment. Some may like to make own casket with biodegradable, non-toxic and sustainable materials that will have the least effect on the environment. 
How To Build A Casket?

Below are the basic steps to consider while starting building your casket. 
Find the Casket Hardware

The initial step to start building the casket is to find the appropriate casket hardware. Locate your nearest shops or look out for online stores who provide all the necessary raw materials for making a casket. You can find many antique materials online that can be added in your casket. Make sure to equip yourself with the right set of hardware before you start the work. Choosing the type of wood is the most crucial task while collecting the materials. 
Prepare a Casket Kit

Once you have found the entire essential hardware required making a casket, it is time to prepare a casket kit that will get things easily. When you know you have everything you require to make a casket, things will become seamless. The casket kit generally contains all the necessary items that will assist in making the casket, starting from glues to screws. Try to equip your kit with environment-friendly items in order to give your green contribution. 
Casket Dimensions and Casket Design

After getting all the tools, you required, get your paper and pen and create a blueprint of your casket. Prepare the casket dimensions and plan before starting the woodwork. Without having proper measurements, you cannot start cutting the wood into shape. If you are not good with dimensions and measurements, try to ask someone for the assistance. Take your body measurement and wood material into consideration while making the dimensions. Once you have a plan and right dimensions, it’s time to start the woodwork. Make sure to adhere to the measurements while cutting the wood.
Funerals need to be planned in a way that it becomes one memorable day for the deceased’s family and friends. There are people who want to plan their funeral beforehand, in order to make sure everything happens just the way they wanted. Building your own casket is the best means to make your funeral personalized in every sense. From making your burial greener to keeping your funeral within budget, there are numerous perks of building your own. The above mentioned were some of the popular reasons for creating your own casket and the simple ways you can make one for yourself. 

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