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English Composition 101: How to Write Academic Essays Like an Expert

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  • 7 Oct, 2019  |
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English Composition 101 is a course that gives a student all the tools they need to get them ready for professional as well as academic writing at a college or university. When writing an academic essay, every student knows that it needs an intro, body and a well-written conclusion that brings everything that has been found on the topic together. To make an academic essay stand out, it needs to be interesting and creatives. A highly qualified team of essay writers from WriteMyPaperHub is ready to help and offers a few expert tips a student needs to know to write professional papers quickly and effectively.

1 English Composition 101: How to Write Academic Essays  Like an Expert

Make time as well as come up with a good topic.

A creative and interesting academic essay does take time to put together and this is something (time) that a student has to use very wisely. You need to set aside time to brainstorm and come up with a good topic, find information for it, type it, format it and eventually submit it.

Do some extensive research.

Good research is what makes an academic essay interesting and creative and it is an activity that needs to be done separately from typing. Your essay will lack organization as well as focus if you type and research your topic at the same time. Leave the typing for later and focus on collecting information from reliable sources to give yourself the best possible chance to write an interesting and creative academic essay.

Come up with a strong thesis statement.

Out of all the academic writing points that will be highlighted in this article, this is perhaps the most important one. This is a step that shouldn’t be missed even if the essay does not need one. A thesis sets the tone for the essay you are writing and paints a clear picture of what is about to follow.

Work on the outline of the essay, plan as well as be organized.

A good academic essay is pleasing on the eye because it has clarity and structure. If you want your essay to have these two, you need to plan yourself. If you are not a fan of some of the outlining techniques that are out there, look at other ways to be organized like a flow chart and using index cards. Pick whatever organization tool you feel comfortable with that will guide you to put together the most creative and interesting essay possible.

Stay clear of irrelevant information.

When you have an outline all mapped out, it is time to begin writing the essay but before you type a single word, you need to look at all the information you found. You do this to see if it backs up your topic because you do not want to fill your essay with clutter and point that make zero sense.

Back up your findings in the main body and make sure the language is clear.

When starting your academic essay, make sure you start it off with an attention-grabbing introduction. Once you have done that, begin writing the main body without using complex words or language while backing up your points. Keep things simple and clear while avoiding being fancy. There is no point in you saying "The World is flat, not round" without providing evidence to back up your claim.

Reference your work.

Never ever present someone else's ideas as your own because this is called plagiarism and a no-no in academic writing. If you have used another person's content to back up your claim, make sure you use the appropriate referencing styles. Techniques such as MLA, APA, and Havard referencing style are all acceptable. An essay that is not properly referenced comes across very sloppy and might devalue it.

End it on a high with a good conclusion and revise.

Once your work is properly referenced, it is time to summarise it and offer any future recommendations. No draft is perfect and it is important that you revise your essay before it is handed in. check everything from the spelling, grammar, anything that is off topic and the punctuation. Make all the corrections you need before you surrender it for assessment.

Perform a plagiarism check.

Even if your work might seem perfect, do not change it. Use plagiarism tool to see how original your work is. There are so many free websites that allow you to upload your essay on them and they give you a plagiarism report after a few minutes. Take full advantage of this because if your work is flagged for plagiarism, you will fail the essay and be told to repeat the semester or worst-case scenario, suspended.

Get feedback from an outsider.

We all have people in our circle who we trust and their opinion does matter to us. Get them to have a look at your essay and their fresh set of eyes will be able to tell you if your work is interesting and creative or not. They will also be able to spot any grammar errors you might have missed as well as provide you with some ideas which might be useful to your essay.
Your academic essay will only be as creative and interesting as the effort you put in. You have to understand that your first draft will not be perfect but you can make it perfect by following everything that has been mentioned in this article. Come up with a good topic and thesis, find concrete information, back up your points with a strong beginning and ending and your work will be spectacular. If something does not feel right, do not be afraid to go back and make changes to your academic essay until you are happy.

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