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Tips on How to Prepare for NBA 2020

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  • 25 Sep, 2019  |
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1 Tips on How to Prepare for NBA 2020

With the pre-season games only a few days away, now is the right time to start getting into the mood for NBA 2020. The most anticipated annual basketball event in the whole wide world, this year guarantees an exciting tournament packed with surprises and fantastic gameplay.

For fans and punters alike, basketball is more than just a game. It is a lifestyle that involves certain rituals and the coming together of like-minded people. Preparation for the tournament typically begins a good few weeks before the first match. It generally consists of a few essentials that are a must if you want to call yourself a bona fide basketball fan.


It’s time to take out your favourite team jerseys and test them out. If you have a special lucky one, you just might want to give it one quick wash after having kept it in the cupboard for all these months. For someone who might not be too familiar with the game, jerseys are serious business when it comes to the NBA. Fans and players feel passionate about them, and the last thing anyone wants is to have their team’s jersey listed at the end of the NBA jersey rankings. It’s also worth checking if the team has taken out a new kit over the summer. Small changes in colours and design are common, and if so, ordering the new jersey before the first game becomes a necessity.

2 Tips on How to Prepare for NBA 2020


To make maximum profits from betting on sports, it is always a good idea to pick up the early odds released by bookmakers. The latest NBA odds favour the LA Clippers, and the LA Lakers as the frontrunners to lift the trophy. However, an astute punter will make the most of Canada Sports Betting’s NBA power rankings to keep track of all the teams’ progress on a week-by-week basis. The power rankings are an excellent resource that helps you stay abreast with how each team is performing and how likely they are to end up at the top of the leader board. Last year, the power rankings were so accurate that they predicted the Raptors reaching the finals a good few weeks in advance. What happened next is basketball history.


Say what you might, but cheerleads bring a sense of fun and excitement to the game of basketball that no one else can. So, as a true-blue fan of the team, it is equally important to know about the cheerleaders and to cheer them when they come up to entertain in the stadium. Most teams have all their cheerleaders listed on their websites. Spending a little time appreciating the people who create a fun atmosphere at the games is as important as backing the players.

Tickets and Parties

There are the lucky ones who already have tickets for the games they want to watch, but for others, this is an excellent time to organise game day parties. Basketball is one of those sports that is best enjoyed with friends and family. Nothing makes for a memorable moment than watching your team win while having a party with everyone who is equally passionate about the game. If you go on to bet and win some moolah as a result, then that is the perfect cherry on top of your winning cake.

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