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Tips On How To Get A High Mark For Your Essay

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  • 24 Sep, 2019  |
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It’s not unusual for students to become petrified when they hear the words ‘high school essay writing’. It doesn’t matter if the student is writing the essay for a scholarship, as an assignment, or even as a school challenge. Many still find the undertaking an overpowering one in each and every differing situation they find themselves writing the essay in.

1 Tips On How To Get A High Mark For Your Essay

Essay writing is a fearful task for several students because all they see before they start to write is an empty page waiting to be filled with all manner of writings on a particular topic. In fact, some describe a simple essay format as a boring and inadequate venture.

What most students don’t understand, however, is that essay writing is a very crucial skill for college. The skill can also go a long way in aiding individuals who want to pursue a career that has to do with marketing, mass communication, political writing, etc. Teachers also provide college essay examples for this exact purpose. Before you can start to write an essay in a professional way, you have to enjoy it. Below are some tips you can follow that’ll make essay writing an easy task for you and provide service to help boost your academic grades.

1. Start the Essay with the Conclusion in your Thoughts

When you begin the essay while keeping in mind the ending, your overall writing will have the appearance of being made professionally. If you don’t try to write your essay this way, it’ll be similar to an individual driving a car in the desert without any knowledge of where they are going to. In the end, the individual might find their way out of the desert, but it would take immensely longer. You need to plan how the conclusion will be so you can provide clarity to your readers right from the very beginning of the essay.

2. Give your Essay a Different Title

If the topic of the essay is generally given to everyone in your class. You can endeavor to tweak things up and present your teacher with a positively unconventional title. Chances are most of your classmates will be using ordinary titles that are similar to each other. Your differing title provides the service of catching your teacher’s attention even if they were previously uninterested.

For instance, if the essay topic is on the numerous statements Muhammad Ali made during his lifetime you could title your essay ‘The Unfettered Ramblings of The Greatest’. Something like this would immediately catch your teacher’s eye.

3. Start Your Essay with Something Catchy

Once your teacher has been captivated by your perfect title and is on your essay, you’ll still need something to keep them interested. In order to maintain your brilliance, you’ll need your first heading or sentence to seem mesmerizing. You could start by asking a question that’s bound to rear up an immediate argument in your reader’s mind. You could also start by using a quote garnered from statistics or from a famous individual on the subject matter.
You could also use a statement to begin with, one that you would use to center your essay or a very short but interesting story about the topic. Any method you select to provide that catchy ambiance, make sure it strives to serve the right effect on your reader. This way, you gradually learn how to make an essay.

2 Tips On How To Get A High Mark For Your Essay

4. Keep the Reader Interested

You need to keep in mind that your reader will be going through several other essays and you need to gear things up here and there. The more you do that, the likelier the reader will keep their eyes glued to your essay. One method you can try is to create a connection from one paragraph to another to smoothen the flow of ideas. At certain points, you can also insert quotes in the right areas. This services a dramatic effect on the reader.

Throughout the essay, you can throw salient questions at the reader that’ll keep them guessing and probably even taking eyes off your essay for a moment to think about. You can insert humor and use a range of literary devices to keep your college teacher interested. In certain essays, you might want to tone that down, though. You can also try misdirecting your reader; giving them the impression that you’re saying something and going the direct opposite later in the paragraph.

5. Remove Useless and Unimportant Words

Useless and unimportant words have a tendency to disrupt the flow of an essay and dull everything brilliant around it. Students must be brisk, clear, straight to the point, and they need to make sure every word used in the essay has a positive impact.

6. Provide an Interesting Conclusion

We saw how the reactions were to the Game of Thrones series when it ended. Super-interesting TV show but a horrible ending in several fans’ opinions. You don’t want your essay to have that kind of effect after you’ve spent hours building up the perfect work. You can create an interesting conclusion by inserting a quote that buttresses your point or by asking a final question.

You need to keep in mind that an essay is like a journey to its reader. You have to ensure that it is mind-blowing in every sense of the word, so when your reader gets to the end of the journey, they have that satisfactory feeling.

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