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Tips On How To Get A High Mark For Your Essay

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  • 24 Sep, 2019  |
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Tips On How To Get A High Mark For Your Essay

4. Keep the Reader Interested

You need to keep in mind that your reader will be going through several other essays and you need to gear things up here and there. The more you do that, the likelier the reader will keep their eyes glued to your essay. One method you can try is to create a connection from one paragraph to another to smoothen the flow of ideas. At certain points, you can also insert quotes in the right areas. This services a dramatic effect on the reader.

Throughout the essay, you can throw salient questions at the reader that’ll keep them guessing and probably even taking eyes off your essay for a moment to think about. You can insert humor and use a range of literary devices to keep your college teacher interested. In certain essays, you might want to tone that down, though. You can also try misdirecting your reader; giving them the impression that you’re saying something and going the direct opposite later in the paragraph.

5. Remove Useless and Unimportant Words

Useless and unimportant words have a tendency to disrupt the flow of an essay and dull everything brilliant around it. Students must be brisk, clear, straight to the point, and they need to make sure every word used in the essay has a positive impact.

6. Provide an Interesting Conclusion

We saw how the reactions were to the Game of Thrones series when it ended. Super-interesting TV show but a horrible ending in several fans’ opinions. You don’t want your essay to have that kind of effect after you’ve spent hours building up the perfect work. You can create an interesting conclusion by inserting a quote that buttresses your point or by asking a final question.

You need to keep in mind that an essay is like a journey to its reader. You have to ensure that it is mind-blowing in every sense of the word, so when your reader gets to the end of the journey, they have that satisfactory feeling.

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