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Rescued Animals (24 pics)

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  • 23 Aug, 2019  |
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1 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Found this guy walking around my office parking lot

2 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

This tiny kitten just showed up in our yard last month. Guess I love cats now.

3 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

I found a kitten on my construction site today, zero work got done after that.

4 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Found this guy 15 days ago under our stairs (update). He’s growing, getting his teeth, sleeping, playing and eating. Glad we found him

5 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

She came up to the machine shop I work at 4 years ago. I started feeding her and now she’s the shop mascot.

6 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

I’ve always been inherently a dog person until this baby needed a home 3 weeks ago and nobody would take him. He changed my mind. Meet Max!

7 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Just moved into a new house. Found a squatter.

8 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Found this little chunk on the side of the road today. I fell in love with her immediately.

9 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Last night I had to work traffic for a bad wreck. I heard a small meow. I shined my flashlight over and saw 2 reflective eyes looking at me. I meowed back.

Surprisingly, this teeny tiny little kitten crawled up my leg and sat on my shoulder.

10 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Found this little girl in the woods, meowing in the rain.

11 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Saved this girl from being sent to a kill shelter. Say hi to Nala!

12 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Found this baby on the side of the road a few days ago. Got her cleaned up and fed. She went from being sickly and lethargic to a happy bouncy baby! Meet Millie!

13 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

She showed up at our lot. I picked her up and she immediately settled here and wouldn’t move. I guess that was her way of saying she chose me. I’m now a cat person apparently. I named her Scarlet.

14 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Saved her mother from the wild and 63 days later this beauty popped out!

15 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

One year ago when I rescued her and now, she’s showing gratitude.

16 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

My husband found and rescued a tortoise from his work two days ago. This is the first time she is eating anything: meet Shelly Smalls; the newest member to our family.

17 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

She was found crying in the Costco parking lot today and was hiding under a car but came right up when I leaned over. She’s so friendly, I’m going to keep her.

18 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

A before and after pic of my rescue puppy!

19 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

We rescued him a month ago from the humane society. He has finally started to bring his toys to us for playtime!

20 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

We picked him up from a staircase. He’s still not used to the fact that he won’t die starving, so he always tries to steal some food even if he’s full.

21 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

When our cat realized she got adopted by us

22 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

I found this cat and couldn't find its mother so I guess I own a cat now. Someone help.

23 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

Rescued an ’aggressive’ chinchilla from a home with 3 dogs yesterday. The little guy has been my best friend since we met!

24 Rescued Animals (24 pics)

My neighbor fostered a pregnant kitty: here’s a mama protecting her kittens that were born last night.


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