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How to End a Research Paper: Ways to Sum Up Your Paper

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  • 19 Aug, 2019  |
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The conclusion of a research paper is one of the most important parts of essay writing. With a good conclusion, a person reading it will be left with a good picture of your piece. This part should summarize content as well as the goal of your essay without looking so dry. It should share some basic elements. Even at times when you can’t write an essay for some reason, you can buy research papers cheap from an online service and get away with it. Probably, you are asking, “can I trust my paper?” If it happens, all you need to do is to find a reliable service. When you buy research papers, you may save time that you would have spent writing and editing, but don’t abuse this option.

1 How to End a Research Paper: Ways to Sum Up Your Paper

[h1]8 tips for summing up a research paper[/h1]

Here are key ways on how to end up a research paper.

1. Restate the topic and thesis

You should restate your topic briefly as you explain why you find it important. Do not spend a lot of time on this. Instead, you can do that in a single sentence. Take time also to restate the thesis. A thesis is made up of a narrowed but focused point. You should rephrase this statement from your thesis to include the introduction. Make sure you reword your thesis statement in a manner that complements the topic’s summary.

2. Briefly summarize main points

The goal of the summary is to remind readers of what you have already told them in paper’s body. To do this well, start by reading the topic sentence of all major sections and paragraphs of the essay. Find a way to restate points you have mentioned in each of your topic sentences. Make sure you do not include any new information in conclusion. This is particularly true if the information is important to your argument or research paper, as presented in the essay.

3. Add up the points

If you are yet to explain fully why your points are significant, you should take time to do that in conclusion. Remember that this is not necessary for all works. In case you had explained the points in the piece, there is no need to explain them again in details. Instead, you should restate the thesis of why you believe the topic is significant. The goal of a conclusion is to address certain issues and at the same time, explain these points in the body of your work.

4. Answer “so what” question

One of the ways to end a paper is to explain the issue you have been discussing in a broader context. This is also the place that will help readers to understand why the paper’s topic is important. Use this part to answer the “so what” question. For instance, if you are writing a historical essay, you can use this part to explain how the past event affects matters today.

5. Use the basic information synthesis

If you are wondering how to end a research paper, a basic conclusion is a closing of your summary, and it should look like a paper’s introduction. Because this is a basic conclusion, you need to synthesize information instead of just summarizing it. Rather than just repeating words you have already used, rephrase the thesis and support the points in a manner that ties them together. When you do that, your research paper will look seem completely thought out and not a collection of thoughts. If you are finding it hard to do that, you can buy research papers cheap online from a service provider you trust.

2 How to End a Research Paper: Ways to Sum Up Your Paper

6. Link introduction to conclusion

One of the ways on how to close a research paper is by tying the essay together directly by simply linking the introduction to the conclusion. You can do that by asking a question in your introduction. In conclusion, you can restate that question and use this part to provide an answer to your introduction. Use images and concepts in the introduction to your conclusion. These images may or may not appear at the other points throughout the work.

7. Use logic to close

One of the ways of ending a research paper is to use logic to close. It could be that your essay is providing different sides of the same issues. You can use your conclusion to state your logical opinion that was formed using evidence. You can do that by including ample information on the topic that backs the statement up without getting carried away with some excess details. If you did not get a clear answer to a question posed in the thesis, don’t be afraid to say so. Restate the initial hypothesis and show if you still believe the research that you carried out has started swaying opinion.

8. Choose a question

Rather than just giving the reader a conclusion, you should be asking them to form their conclusion. This may be unsuitable for certain kinds of papers. Most of the essays, such as those on effective cures for sicknesses will provide information that provides a case for a particular argument in the essay. But if you are writing an essay on social issues such as government policies or poverty, you can ask a question. Ensure that you have already provided an answer to the question using the evidence in the piece.

So, with the above tips on how to end a paper, it is possible to have a great conclusion for your research paper.

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