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Even the Dumbest Can Do It

  • Category: Pics  |
  • 25 Jul, 2019  |
  • Views: 644  |
1 Even the Dumbest Can Do It

Memes. They're everywhere, as you can see by the abundance of Minions on your mother's Facebook page. And, really, they're one of those things people need. What else is there, research papers? Boring! There are even people becoming internet-famous in the meme culture of today! But how? Below are what you need to know about succeeding in the “memeverse” (we coined that, don't steal it. You know what, see below for tips on avoiding your stuff being taken). There are things to know before getting started.

Survive a Typo in Your Meme
If you've posted any memes on any platform whatsoever, you've likely had this happening to you. You've had the idea of a lifetime, and you spent ages making sure everything was perfect. The meme format isn, analytical classification says that it's been deep-fried to the perfect degree, and it's on-point enough to get laughs. What could go wrong? Bam! There's a typo in the first line. Recovering isn't difficult. Learn to laugh at your own mistakes, and others won't make a big deal out of it.

Go Viral – Without Breaking the Law!
There are thousands of “challenges” out there, just waiting to be done for useless internet points or fame with a half-life shorter than the tie needed to microwave a Poptart. You might also be tempted to add your own to the mix. While challenges can be fun, always make sure that you're not being a jerk by doing them. It's not funny unless everyone is laughing in the end. You might even end up like the girl who licked the ice cream and put it back: Facing decades in prison.

Prevent Your Content From Being Stolen
There is, without a doubt, nothing more soul-destroying than having something you worked hard on stolen. Even if it's just a meme, it's important to you. To prevent that from happening, you should always be sure to watermark your work. Choose a name that is easily traced back to you, preferably in a way that makes you easy to find. If you do this to anything you record, as well, money may become involved!

Recover From Being Sucked Into an Internet Wormhole
You meant to do one thing, then you got sidetracked by getting in an argument over some other user's knowledge base of Steven Universe. Now, your deadline is rapidly approaching. What can you do? Whether it's an essay for class, one for college admission, or anything else, don't panic! You can look up essay samples, to get an idea of what to write. You can also simply ask for help there. Just don't get caught up debating again. The internet can help you here.

2 Even the Dumbest Can Do It

Get Views… Lots of Views
What's the point of making memes if nobody actually sees them, right? There are ways that you can make users click. Having a good name (see below), being pertinent to where it's posted and actually being funny can help you get the attention that you have never got from your father. It's okay, we've been there.

Write a Good Title (GONE WRONG!)
Clickbait is the bane of the internet. You hate it, your followers hate it, everyone hates it. So don't use it. Certainly, don't use the (GONE WRONG) or similar tags. Make your title pertinent or a joke.

Trying Again
So, your content flopped. Either nobody paid it any attention, or they disliked it. That's alright, we still think you're special. The only thing you can do is to try and try again.

3 Even the Dumbest Can Do It

It isn't difficult to do these things. Becoming viral is more due to luck rather than actual work. However, by taking these steps, you'll be closer to the internet fame you've always wanted. It will last approximately ten minutes before moving on to the next person.

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