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6 Reasons to Try a Cannabis Concentrate

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  • 24 Jul, 2019  |
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Cannabis concentrates are extracts of marijuana. You have probably heard some of its slang names, such as honey, wax, amber, oil, etc. Usually, they are made using a substance called solvent as well as by applying heat and pressure to the plant. Even now, when cannabis concentrates have become popular and well-known, some people still hesitate to try an unfamiliar product. In order to fully enjoy marijuana extracts, you need to have a vaporizer. Luckily, it is not a big deal today because you can find both vaporizers and concentrates in the same store. It is worth mentioning that a cannabis concentrate is legal only in some countries and certain US states, which means that before you start using this product, you should make sure not to break the law. This article is dedicated to six reasons why you should try cannabis concentrates.

1 6 Reasons to Try a Cannabis Concentrate


It may be one of the biggest advantages when you choose a concentrate over the plant. The concentrates may be 3, 5, or even 10 times stronger than marijuana. For those who use cannabis to overcome a painful disease or mental health problems, this will definitely play a huge role. It is very convenient to use pens for weed to use the substance to enjoy a desired relief.


Cannabis concentrates are made with an idea of helping you enjoy them easily. You do not need to bother and look for paper, filter, or hemp tube. One vaporizer will solve all of your problems.

Great Price

Those who come to a store which sells concentrates are usually unpleasantly surprised because the cost per gram of cannabis and the cost per gram of concentrate differ a lot. Marijuana may cost $15, while the concentrate is five times more expensive. However, if you think logically, you will make the conclusion that smoking the concentrate is the cheaper way. The thing is that one gram of it will last for a month, while a gram of marijuana will be used within a couple of hours. So, you would rather save your money for a snack.

Less Smell

No smell of the concentrate is a great advantage for a lot of people. If compared with marijuana, concentrated cannabis is almost odorless, which is especially true if you use a vaping pen. You can easily smoke it if you have an allergy or just do not like a smell of cannabis.

Even More Savings

Vaporizers have always been expensive devices if compared with hemp tubes or joint paper. However, one vaporizer will last for many years, while you will run out of joint paper in a week. It is worth mentioning that in the past years, the market of vaporizers has significantly expanded, causing a certain fall of the prices. So, you can easily find some offers that will match your requirements.

A Big Choice of Flavors

Even if you are a hard smoker who has already tried various flavors, you will still be surprised by a great choice that stores can offer.

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