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How To Write A College Essay: Step By Step

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  • 22 Jul, 2019  |
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A college is a place where you learn to sharpen your communication skills through various writings and college essay tasks and therefore, you get a chance to speak out directly and express your attitude on a certain topic. The essays are one of the best weapons that allow students to state their personal believes and statements, but these can be a bit of pressure sometimes, as these writings have limited word count. As many students have a struggle with writing, they often start looking for valuable resources and tutorials on how to write a perfect essay. Before you even start reading this article, we advise you to start practicing your skills during the summer break, so you could learn to guide your flow of thoughts. Don’t be scared by the blank paper once you get it to write but rather learn how to start properly and prepare yourself for the task.

1 How To Write A College Essay: Step By Step

Practice before you start a college essay

As we said, the essential thing is to practice the writing before you even start with the real college assignments. The goal is to get familiar and accustomed to this work, so you are not scared of the paper or the topic you could get. The often called “vulnerability training” is the tactics that are very useful to young students, and it often starts with the statement “If you really knew me…”. The point of this free training is to share something personal with yourself (or a good friend) and practice the flow of thoughts like “If you really knew me, you would know that I have a fear of heights, but I will stand near the cliff as the excitement is much stronger than my fear”. Give yourself a minute to complete the thought and wrap it around in the clear and focused thought presentation.
Writing a college essay, especially the good one, requires a lot of practice, and there is no better way to practice than to play around with your thoughts and opinions on certain topics. In case you really do not want to bother with writings, you can hire a writing service like so they can write the college essay for you. In any case, try not to think ahead and do not be afraid of running out the ideas, as you can always let your consciousness to stream. Just go with the flow and write as much as you can. Also, make sure you analyze some of the essay examples by other students, so you could get the idea.

Decide what you write about

If you are wondering how to do an essay in a proper way, the first thing you need to do, after a lot of practice, is to determine what you want to write about. The professors give you a lot of open-to-discussion topics that you need to analyze and explain in details. Once you get the topics, try to find the one that is most suitable to you, so you could provide detailed explanations, as well as your personal opinion of the topic. The stress is on personal opinion so they could see your way of thinking, as well as the writing skills. For this reason, it is also a good idea to check out some of the essay examples.

Make a draft

Once you know what you will write about, your next objective is to make a draft of your essay. Make a quick structure with headings and subheadings just to see how it would look like. The better and more precise draft you create, it is likely that you will get to the core of the topic. And that is what teachers want after all. It does not have to be detailed in the beginning, but remember that the draft gives you clear and precise guidance for the paper you are writing.

Structure the essay

College assignments are always complex, and since you need to explain the topic thoroughly, it is not a bad idea to use the narrative voice to plunge deep into the subject. On the other hand, if you want to go more widely with less focus, you can use the montage structure. Both techniques have the introductory part where you explain a situation, the second part where you start getting to the subject, and the third part where the culmination comes in. Ultimately the final part/outro where you give the conclusion. The difference in these techniques lays in the way of presenting, as the montage structure utilizes more of a visual experience (describing the short situations through “images”).

In any way, your college essay should have a clear structure with the introduction, the body, the twist (a matter of choice) and the conclusion/summary. Of course, hiring someone to write a task for you is a much easier approach, but the point is to make your skills perfect by writing and practicing on your own. Therefore, looking at the examples of good writings is always a good thing to do, as you can analyze the structure, style, and techniques of writing.

2 How To Write A College Essay: Step By Step

Start writing

Once you are done with the structuring, you can proceed with writing. Have in mind the tone, special requirements requested from the teacher, and the word count. Try not to be totally formal, unless specified that way, but rather personal and unique, as the point is to have a unique piece of paper that explains a certain matter. Try to include catchy phrases or citations that matter to the topic, but do not exaggerate in any sense. Also, make sure you do not go too far from the subject by providing detailed descriptions and explanations, as this is one of the worst things that can happen when writing any kind of paper.

Revise the essay

Never submit the work right after you finish. Instead, take some time to revise your work and see if there is any need for rewriting, editing, or changing. The golden rule, in any type of writing, is to avoid submitting the first draft, or the initial work. Double read it if needed to see if you have met all the requirements and the word count. Although it is not a problem if you go over the specified word count, always try to keep within the word count, as this is also a rule that you must respect.

Edit, proofread and submit the essay

Before sending it, make sure you check the spellings, grammar, style and everything else. Also, all essays must be unique and pass a plagiarism checker. Otherwise, you might get a bad grade, or even get sued if you are working on the professional level! Make sure you use the references if needed, but always list them as your valuable sources and give credits for it. Also, the important thing is to look for any information gaps, or incomplete thoughts as these can easily ruin the perfect essay. Take time to proofread the whole text and check for errors before you submit it!

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