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Cool Dads (15 pics)

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  • 19 Jul, 2019  |
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When you’re incredibly happy:
1 Cool Dads (15 pics)

“My mom and I started arguing, so my dad brought me in the garage to escape from it... We did this for an hour.”

2 Cool Dads (15 pics)

Tenderness hiding behind seriousness

3 Cool Dads (15 pics)

“My son and my dad hadn’t seen each other in quite a while. They both couldn’t stop smiling.”

4 Cool Dads (15 pics)

A Father-Daughter ballet recital

5 Cool Dads (15 pics)

“My dad holding a 3-week-old baby goat”

6 Cool Dads (15 pics)

“This note hanging from this taxi driver’s wheel!”

7 Cool Dads (15 pics)

This is why they create social media accounts.

8 Cool Dads (15 pics)

“My dad and my boyfriend have the biggest bromance going. They’ve even coordinated their Facebook profile pictures.”

9 Cool Dads (15 pics)

The difference between parents

10 Cool Dads (15 pics)

It’s always a pleasure to bathe with dad.

11 Cool Dads (15 pics)

“I’d rather carry around these extra 100 lbs (on the right.)”

12 Cool Dads (15 pics)

The way they “care” can be different.

13 Cool Dads (15 pics)

“In kindergarten my son was told to draw something he wanted, and he drew this. The psychologist was really worried. Only at home, my son said he drew his favorite meatballs I always made.”

14 Cool Dads (15 pics)

“My dad and I share the same name. After starting Microsoft, people used to ask him if he was the real Bill Gates. I always hope he says, ‘Yes.’ I hope he tells them that he’s all the things the other one aspires to be.”

15 Cool Dads (15 pics)

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#11 is a video of the dad and the little girl singing the song "Girls" by Maroon 5. If you need a smile, check it out. Adorable!

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