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So Cute (20 pics)

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  • 9 Jul, 2019  |
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Sleeping cheek to cheek with your significant otter, level: otterly otterable!
1 So Cute (20 pics)

Kid: “I’ve had her for a week. I love her.”
Dog: “I’ve had him for 7 weeks. I love him.”

2 So Cute (20 pics)

“Made cookies and brought them to the local nursing home. This is Mrs. Posey. She is 112 and the nurse said she hasn’t had a visitor in over 3 years.”

3 So Cute (20 pics)

“As I was saying goodbye, my dog did this.”

4 So Cute (20 pics)

Unlikely relationship, unlikely “relaxionship”

5 So Cute (20 pics)

2 dormant little poop factories

6 So Cute (20 pics)

A technician meeting his daughter for the first time during a homecoming celebration

7 So Cute (20 pics)

A lucky swan embracing the vet who saved its life

8 So Cute (20 pics)

“My dog was terrified of the fireworks so my cat went and cuddled up with her. My heart is still crying.”

9 So Cute (20 pics)

“I will always take care of you, little bro. Always.”

10 So Cute (20 pics)

A “cowperated” cuddle-nap

11 So Cute (20 pics)

Spotted: invader in the snuggle-pit

12 So Cute (20 pics)

A US Navy officer greeting his daughter following his return from deployment

13 So Cute (20 pics)

“Was greeted by this handsome boy on my walk to work last night.”

14 So Cute (20 pics)

“I planned a Christmas surprise for my parents and it went better than I could have hoped.”

15 So Cute (20 pics)

“My grandpa just got a new dog and had his caregiver take pictures of him to send to me.”

16 So Cute (20 pics)

Far apart in age, closely connected in soul

17 So Cute (20 pics)

A high-ranking officer holding his newborn son for the first time

18 So Cute (20 pics)

“We were taking pictures of my dad for his birthday and then my dog did this. Truly man’s best friend...”

19 So Cute (20 pics)

“My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer 3 months ago. She was told Monday that she will only have a week to live due to her kidneys failing, so my school planned a graduation so that she could see me graduate.”

20 So Cute (20 pics)

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