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Funny Dads (19 pics)

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  • 24 Jun, 2019  |
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Came home to find my dad raccooning on the roof.
1 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad wanted to take a nice picture with a waterfall in Yosemite.

2 Funny Dads (19 pics)

Dad selfie of the year

3 Funny Dads (19 pics)

Going driving with my 15-year-old daughter today; I’m ready.

4 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad decided to play with Photoshop... he sent me this.

5 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad found my cousin’s hair extensions and took some glamour shots.

6 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad gives all the kids $100 dollars every year in a weird way. This year he went all in.

7 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad was gonna go for a run. Found him on the floor asleep 30 minutes later.

8 Funny Dads (19 pics)

And this dad, trying on his daughter’s Pikachu onesie

9 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad always gets crazy about Christmas.

10 Funny Dads (19 pics)

Came home to find my dad playing pool like this.

11 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad wasn’t supposed to be in the picture of me with my prom date.

12 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad told me he would always be there, and he was.

13 Funny Dads (19 pics)

This dad’s vacation photos are getting out of hand.

14 Funny Dads (19 pics)

This dad is a Sons of Anarchy fan but he’s creative too.

15 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad just sent me this picture. His name is Cliff.

16 Funny Dads (19 pics)

Ever since dad learned how to use his front cam...

17 Funny Dads (19 pics)

First ride with his daughter. He looks pretty calm.

18 Funny Dads (19 pics)

My dad got invited to a 60th birthday party and thought it was a 60s party.

19 Funny Dads (19 pics)

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