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5 Most Educational Movies

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  • 21 Jun, 2019  |
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1 5 Most Educational Movies
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Movies are for entertainment and offer one of the greatest pleasures of life. But in addition to being entertaining, most of them have high educational values that are too important to ignore. According to My Paper Done, since most people understand and connect better with media contents, using educational movies to teach and expose students to other cultures and lessons of life would be a great idea.

However, there are tons of educational movies out there that teachers and even parents can use for this purpose. They are movies that not only provide entertainment but numerous educational benefits. Let's look at some of those incredible films.

1. Whiplash

Whiplash is a 2014 American drama with great educational values. Besides the entertaining musical the movie has, it can also serve as an inspiration for students or anyone with great ambition.

The film is about a young jazz drummer looking to get to the pinnacle of his career but has an abusive instructor that frowns at every little mistake and never seizes any opportunity to criticize him. But against all the odds, this ambitious drummer still managed to get to the top.

Whiplash is suited to art students, but anyone can draw inspiration from the film. But if you are an art student, you will understand after watching this film that it takes courage and perseverance to rise and outshine others in the creative industry. There is also a huge competition out there, which you must be ready to face.
Another important lesson you can get from this movie is that one's instructor can be a stumbling block. It can also be your family member or someone close to you. But if you are determined to make it, then you might succeed in the end.

2. When We Were Kings – Muhammad Ali

This Oscar award-winning movie is as educational as is entertaining. The film depicts the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" boxing match between two heavyweight champions; George Foreman and Mohammed Ali. But even though there were many characters in the movie, the focus is on Ali, how he rose to stardom.
Mohammed Ali showed courage and focus throughout his professional boxing career. The undisputed champion also fought and conquered all in the ring during his days. However, this movie would be suitable for sports lovers and students. It will not only appeal to their emotions but inspire them in their academic or career pursuit.

3. School of Rock

School of Rock is another entertaining, educational movie you can watch repeated without getting tired. The film is suitable for art students but can have a massive impact on anyone. It features a talented guitarist, Jack Black who left his bar band disgracefully. But he soon landed a job in a top elementary school as a music teacher.

But Jack didn't reduce himself to a classroom music teacher. He used his creativity and talent to groom his young students into a formidable music band, which later conquered his old band in a music competition.

4. Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds, a 1995 movie offers huge lesson for teachers, not only student. It depicts the reason teachers should be creative and pay great attention to their students. If there is a sign of a lack of enthusiasm, you can use other methods to inspire and get your students to be more focused.
The movie, Dangerous Minds is regarding an ex-marine who got a job in a poverty-stricken school. Observing that the students lacked enthusiasm, she started using unexpected methods to win their trust and impart knowledge.

5. Taare Zameen Par

This Indian drama depicts why teachers must have patience and compassion for their students. Teachers must understand that students have different abilities and assimilate differently. The movie is regarding an eight-year-old boy branded a trouble-maker and lazy student.
But the story changed when a new art teacher who had patience, took an interest in the boy's case, discovered the root cause of his struggles, and helped him to realize his full potentials.


These educational movies will not only entertain but educate students. So, if you are a teacher, you can consider showing them in your classroom or instruct your students to watch them at home. Most of these educational films can also benefit parents and teachers. They offer great lessons that can transform the teaching profession and serve as an inspiration to students.

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