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Interesting Facts (23 pics)

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1 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. The forests in this region produce so much oxygen that it exceeds the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

2 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Animals avoid power lines because of ultraviolet lights. Animals can see UV lights, and the flashes scare them.

3 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Here’s what Jupiter would look like if it were as close to Earth as the moon.

4 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Cats ignore their owners on purpose. They hear you, they just don’t show it.

5 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Coffee doesn’t directly give you energy. It impacts your hormones and neurotransmitters.

6 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Human nostrils take turns breathing. We have a nasal cycle, which means one nostril becomes dominant for a certain amount of time. That’s why when you have a cold, you can only breath through one nostril.

7 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

The smaller the animal, the faster their little eyes can process sensory information from the world around them.

8 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

There is an eternal flame burning in Turkmenistan that started in 1971.

9 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

At one point in history, there were 4 distinct human species living at the same time.

10 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Paper can be made out of elephant poop because it contains so many plant fibers.

11 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Cows kill an average of 22 people a year. Sharks only kill an average of 5 people annually.

12 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

The groove in your upper lip is called a philtrum. It doesn’t serve a purpose in humans, but helps other mammals carry moisture from their mouths to their nose pads.

13 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Dogs stare at their owners while pooping to feel secure. Pooping is a vulnerable time for the animals, so they look up at their humans for a sense of protection.

14 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

About a million people die every year from mosquitos, mostly from malaria. That adds up to 2,700 per day, or 100 people every single hour.

15 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Blue eyes aren’t really blue. They don’t have any pigment on the upper layer of the irises and absorb blue light, thus making them look this color.

16 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Dogs sneeze to show other dogs and humans that they are playing so it doesn’t turn into a fight.

17 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

White roofs can help alleviate global warming. Buildings with white roofs stay cooler and reflect more light, meaning there is less need for air conditioning.

18 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

During sleep, one hemisphere of a dolphin’s brain stays active while the other rests. Because of this, dolphins sleep with one eye open.

19 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

It’s very unlikely to die in qucksand, as most of it is only a few inches deep.

20 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Research shows that having green surroundings during childhood can positively affect mental health in adulthood.

21 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Similar to human fingerprints, every cat has a unique nose pattern. No two cat’s noses are alike.

22 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

Bananas are curved because they grow toward the sky, against gravity. It’s called negative geotropism.

23 Interesting Facts (23 pics)

There are 12 times more trees on earth than stars in the milky way.

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