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Tips to Run Successful Bar Business: How to Spot a Fake Illinois Driver's License

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  • 17 Apr, 2019  |
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Fake drivers’ license and IDs are common in Illinois thanks to the fact that children there want to do what the adults are doing. So many bars have been shut down because of selling alcohol to teenagers. That is because; An Illinois fake ID is difficult to spot. In the past, identifying a fake ID only needed you to bend it a little or scan it using a device. However, the fake ID makers realized this was bad for business and went for better quality and more undetectable IDs. However, you can still spot a phony id or driver’s license by;

1 Tips to Run Successful Bar Business: How to Spot a Fake Illinois Driver's License

Buy a checking guide

Since you can never trust the information on someone’s drivers’ license, you can get a checking guide. That way, you will be able to find additional information that will provide you with the real details of the holder. Checking guides are normally updated with new drivers’ information. You can easily get your checking guide from the drivers’ license guide company.

It is impossible to run a bar business without this device because underage teenagers are today using fake identification to hire cars. The worst part is that none of these teenagers even look like teenagers. Without the proper and most accurate way of ensuring that everyone in your bar is an adult, you stand a terrible risk of having your business shut down for allowing children to buy and drink alcohol in your business premises.

Have a genuine ID for reference

At the door, you can have your security compare IDs of your customers with one that they know is legit. When doing so, they need to look out for the smallest difference between the two. In most cases, fake IDs don’t have the exact color as the original. Also, you should look out for things like spellings and asking the cardholder to sign somewhere so that you can compare and confirm. You should also ensure that there is good light at the checking point for a better view.
Fake IDs are not perfect because their manufacturing process and technology used for real IDs is way far advanced. A fake ID can be detected by feeling the edges of the card using your fingers. If you try this with an original ID, you will realize that the edges are smooth and neatly done. A fake ID on the other side will have sharper corners and tips that will hurt your finger if you are not careful. Such small differences between a real and fake ID is why your security at the entrance must have a comparison ID.

Use a 10x magnifying glass

When you use a magnifying glass to view the microprint, you will see words written. This is one feature that is impossible to forge. Apart from that, you can use your magnifying glass to look out for other things such as the thickness of the ID card concerning the real one.
Remember that no fake ID is as good as the original one and with the help of a magnifying glass, you can be able to see everything in details. The color of a fake ID may look perfect to the naked eye, but when you view through a magnifying glass, you will see that the color is not perfect and looks a little bit faded.

Use UV light

When you hold an identification card against ultraviolet light, hidden security features will be exposed. Different states use different hidden security features, and your security should know all of them because people who come to your bar can be from a different country.

Feel the card

By using your fingers to feel the card, you can be able to sense if an ID card real or not. You can begin by rubbing the photo on the ID then feel the edges. Some fake IDs have fake images posted over the original one making it not to be leveled. Also, the edges of a valid ID are smooth. Bending the card is also another good way to inspect it. Genuine IDs don't bend easy. However, some fake IDs are just as good as the original ones these days and bending the card should not be the only form of inspection.

Rubbing the card in between the fingers can also remove the prints on a fake ID. Remember that some phony ID makers are much interested in making money than ensuring their customer does not get caught. Teenagers, on the other hand, don’t have the time to inspect a fake ID leading them to buy fake identification cards with so many flaws.

Look out for spelling errors

Since fake ids are made in a hurry, most of them have spelling mistakes that can easily be missed by normal eyes. Things like the name of the state or the name of the user or even the street address and the postal code can have a spelling error. It is therefore imperative that you check both sides of an identification card carefully for small mistakes. You will also want to take note of anything foreign seen on the ID. Remember that fake IDs have so many errors like a drop of ink on the face on the ID, for example, is a mistake you will never find in any real ID card.


Having to shut down your bar because of your teenage customers is something that you can avoid. For more accurate ID card inspection you can read the barcode at the back of the card and see if it brings the same information as the one in front of the ID card. You should also know that it is your responsibility to report any teenager with a fake ID to the authorities. That way, any underage with a fake ID will never think of coming to your place because they know that you will detect and report them to the authorities. That way, you will never have to stress about underage drinkers.

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