Incredible Tips to Increase Quora Upvotes

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Since Quora is a platform where the quantity is as important as the quality, then concentrating on the mass responses, you certainly cannot earn popularity and an army of subscribers, but you will receive quite a lot of traffic. But remember one thing – spam-sending the same answer to a large number of questions will lead to blocking. Also, as an aid, you can use the services of SocialBoss, and consolidate the effect.

1 Incredible Tips to Increase Quora Upvotes

Quora helps to increase brand awareness and confidence, as well as attract targeted traffic to the site. It works great on building a brand: multiple references to the company and its products enhance the level of brand awareness, and high-quality responses increase trust in the team. Thus, you have the opportunity to use links actively, beautifully arranging them. However, do not overdo so that the answers do not seem overloaded or too promotional:

· Use a maximum of one or two links.

· If you use two links, the first must lead to your site.

· Try to insert links organically, without ardent calls to action.

Depending on the goals, responses may also stimulate to:

→ Register for a trial version.

→ Subscribe to the newsletter.

→ Make an order.

Sign up for interesting categories: sports, travel, cars, computer games, and so on. Thereby:

· You will understand what answers to Quora are really useful from own experience.

· Your profile will become more “alive”. If users log into it, they will see a person with diverse interests, and not a machine for writing answers to one topic.

· It will be possible to recruit more subscribers, which will also increase your reputation in the eyes of users.

Find "quality" questions that are already popular or have such potential:

1. With a large number of subscribers (from ten).

2. With bad answers (not enough text, bad formatting, no pictures, etc.), compared to which there is a chance to get a majority of votes and the title of a better comment.

3. With high involvement. You consider the ratio of the number of answers and subscribers, the higher it is – the better for you. The ratio of one response to five or more subscribers shows quite good results.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to answer not only new questions. Old questions may have many subscribers, and you may have a fundamentally new answer (solution) that these same subscribers will see in their news feeds. Thus, through the search, you can find not only questions but also answers, in particular – those that have already managed to leave your competitors. In addition, the search allows you to find questions for which you already have accurate and detailed answers or questions for which a particular feature of your product or service is ideal.

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