Saddest Winning Streaks In Gambling History

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Gambling has a rich history or momentous wins for lucky punters around the world. Some who risk absolutely everything on the spin of a roulette wheel or try their luck with life-changing hand in a game of poker. Of course however there is also the flip side of this where people not only manage to win an incredible amount of money but then who toss it all away just as quickly. Here are a few stories of those not fortunate enough to know when to stop or who have far too much to begin with and never know quite when to hold-em.

Playwright Ranjit Bolt felt the devastating effects of a gambling addiction and has since been very vocal in how this addiction affected all aspects of his life and wellbeing. During Bolt's luckiest streak he managed to turn just £2,000 into a whopping £82,000 in around a 3 week period. Unfortunately during this period where his winnings were going up and up he was filled with this overconfidence in his ability to win and ultimately paid the price when he lost his entire £80K pot of winnings in just 10 minutes.

Australian media tycoon Kerry Packer was already known for his opulent way of living and was a well recognised figure in casino's around the world. Often he would place bets in excess of $400,000 on just a single hand on blackjack. But reportedly his biggest single loss saw the media king spread a bet totalling $25 million across four different roulette tables and he lost the lot.

Mr Watanabe is one of the biggest all-time whales and he faced one of the biggest ever losing streaks in Vegas history. His gambling losses are said to be an estimated total of more than $220 million with $127 million of that all down to a huge losing streak whilst in sin city playing a variety of games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno as well as the slots.

Aussie Harry Kakavas made his fortune from selling houses on the Gold Coast but it was addictive nature that led him down the dark tunnel which saw this top real-estate salesmen lose more than $30 million. Over the course of a 14 month period, beginning in June of 2005, Kakavas placed nearly $1.5 billion in bets on the baccarat tables at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. He had even duped a number of his friends into giving him money believing that they were funding various real-estate ventures.

Now here’s an interesting example of when a huge win goes awry for the unfortunate gambler even though it has little to do with him or her in the first place, and it’s actually the technology that appears to be to blame. Italian pet shop worker Bruno Venturi lost £650,000 in mere seconds whilst playing online one day. No he hadn't placed an oversized bet by mistake or swiftly placed numerous consequential wagers it was all down to a technical glitch. Venturi had actually turned just £17 into the huge life-changing figure in just a 3 and a half hour gambling session on the Eurobet UK website, considered to be the best site around by some. The issue arrised when Bruno attempted to withdraw his winnings and to his horror discovered that his winnings were considered to be "null and void". This was because of a software bug that was only charging him for 1 in 6 of his actual bets placed. A judge ruled in favour of the betting site and Bruno was left with nothing. Interestingly enough it transpired that Venturi had in fact lost a total of £59,908 during that time.

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