Famous Athletes Who Became Movie Stars

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There is a trend where most actors and actresses start with sports and then move on to acting. Sports acclaim can start as early as participation in a high school junior team, which seems to be a smaller role compared to the bigger roles available in acting. Most actors who started as sports stars boast great physiques and lean bodies, obviously from taking reputable steroids. You can check a List Of Injectable Steroids from the internet for more details. Let's see the popular athletes who became movie stars.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

We all know The Rock as a great wrestler and in recent years as the hulk appearing in rocking blockbusters. However, not many people know that he started as a defender in football for great teams like the Miami Hurricanes. History has it that his team would scoop up trophies including the 1991 national title. Today, The Rock has continued to grace our living rooms with great Hollywood entertainment.

Jason Statham

When his name is mentioned, the Transporter movie franchise comes into people’s minds. He is one of the toughest and no-nonsense actors in Hollywood for action movies. Before then, Jason was one of the best divers in Britain. Further, Statham has a history of competing in the Commonwealth sports in the early 90s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

While Arnold rocked the world with all time favorite moves like The Terminator and Predator, he had gained his muscles in bodybuilding sports. According to records, Arnold had made a good name as one of the biggest bodybuilders of the 80 and 90s. Even in his old age, Arnold is still featured in some great movies of today. He also served as the governor of California for almost a decade.

Burt Reynolds

Reynolds’s passion was football, and his first active playing was in high school. His team back at Palm Beach High School was a great success in his years there. However, things changed when he could not cope with injuries from sports and a car accident. Later he started actively acting and dropped football altogether. When he acted in The Longest Yard, his two areas of interest were brought together in a perfect and fulfilling way.

Steve Austin (Stone Cold)

He has been featured in a couple movies recently, which we all love. Further, Austin was a great wrestler at WWE where he intimidated and defeated his opponents with ease. In fact, this is where he earned his name ‘Stone Cold.’ Just like many kids of the early years, he played football. It is this sport that earned him a university scholarship at the University of North Texas.

Forest Whitaker

This list would not be complete without Whitaker. He has been featured in numerous detective movies as a sharp and extraordinary cop who could unravel all sorts of mysteries. He has won various Academy Awards in acting as well. But before then, Whitaker is also another chap who attended university courtesy of a football scholarship. In a nutshell, this says it all; he was one of the best players on the team.
Apart from the above discussed Hollywood actors, there are many others who made their names known through sports before acting. However, these are the popular names that you should know.

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