Are You A Man Or Mouse? Get These Gadgets To Feel At Home

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  • 24 Oct, 2017  |
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Manly Man Stuff 

There's nothing like a toy. Whether you're a young boy or manly man, gadgets and toys are something that will always attract our attention and leave us begging for more. They captivate us when we are young and entrance us with their super cool features when we sort of grow up. 

The new technology available today has given us some awesome gadgets in 2017. Exciting toys equipped with some futuristic features have revealed a new age of playtime that surpasses the likes of Lego. Okay, not really, I mean nothing is ever going to replace Lego, build, create and dream. It was an inspiring time but the technology used in gadgets today make the world just that much more entertaining. 

These manly gadgets are must have toys for any man looking to cement his place in the alpha realm of technology. 

Snap And Print 

There are some brilliant cameras on the market that will outdo the Polaroid Snap in almost every tech spec. Nikon and Canon still battle it out profusely for the eager photographers hard earned dollars. But Polaroid brings a new dimension to the world of photography, a dimension where moments are not just pixels floating about a screen, but turn into instant memories you can physically hold. 

It's the perfect companion for all your manly adventures; the Polaroid Snap is light, small and compact. This little instant camera serves up a 10-Megapixel sensor coupled with a microSD card slot that holds up to 32GB of storage. The instant ZINK printer will gift you with two by three inch print outs of all your ludicrous moments.   

Have A Shot Of Caffeine

Have you ever hiked off the beaten path and settled in a location so amazing that nothing else could make that moment better? What about a cup of Joe? That's more than possible with the MiniPresso, a mini espresso maker. 

What's even better about the MiniPresso is that it requires no electricity or batteries. The manual mechanism serves up a cup of espresso with a few simple twists of your arm. 

Look Mom No Wires

Bluetooth is an old technology that is still very much active and in use today. Making for one of the best inventions yet, Bluetooth headphones are changing the way we do everything from listening to music to playing at Canadian mobile casinos. With no irritating wires or auxiliary jacks to twist and manipulate static out of. Bluetooth headphones really are a more immersive way to get sucked into your favourite tunes. 

Jabra Move Bluetooth headphones are lightweight, sturdy and most importantly comfortable. The set of headphones allows for up to 8 hours of playback and 12 hours of standby time. If you want true music freedom, these are a must have accessory. 

Dotting The I

If you haven't heard of the Amazon Echo then you've been living under a rock and you probably don't even find gadgets appealing. Luckily this is not about the Echo, but rather it's baby brother the Dot. 

The Amazon Dot does exactly what outs big brother the Echo does but is far smaller and minimalist. Shaped like a hockey puck with navigation control buttons at the top of the device, the Dot is a smart home speaker that can do whatever Alexa does. 

It's a home assistant and even though it's rather minute it still pumps out decent sound, perfect for your bedroom or home office. 

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