A Look At The Brand New 2DS XL Console From Nintendo

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Nintendo’s Switch

Nintendo released its flagship model, the Switch on the 3rd March earlier this year. Combining the convenience of handheld, with the full experience of playing on a widescreen TV at home, the Switch is set to be the next jewel in Nintendo’s crown, so should players walk away from their handheld 3DS devices?

Nintendo’s 2DS XL

Not everyone wants to pay the $299 price tag associated with the Switch, so to keep an option available for players in each price bracket, Nintendo has released its solution to that problem, with the Nintendo 2DS XL, which come at the affordable price of $149.99.

This is the latest handheld console from Nintendo, released in June this year. It is the sixth in line of the Nintendo 3DS family (which refers to their handheld consoles) and is the follow up to the Nintendo 3DS XL. As mobile gaming is growing so fast, it only makes sense that the brand is now focusing on handheld devices, as well as more traditional consoles.

2DS XL Versus the 3DS XL

The 2DS XL is a smaller, more streamlined version of the 3DS. Despite being smaller, it keeps all the features associated with the 3DS - the updated processor, Amiibo support, and additional controls. It does not however have the autostereoscopic 3D display that the original console had, but this has proven to be waning in its popularity. Despite being priced lower, the 2DS XL includes an AC adapter which the 3DS didn’t come with.

Hardware Design

The 2DS has a clamshell design, which finds the sweet spot between top quality hardware, and a fun toy. It looks smart, but also fun and unintimidating. The console comes in 2 standard options - either dark grey with a blue trim, or white and an orange trim, with one Dragon Quest XI edition exclusively for Japanese players.

This is a child friendly toy, as it is small and light – perfect for small hands, but at the same time robust enough to withstand dropping, throwing around and general roughhousing. Although the hinge on the device could be susceptible to cracking or breaking, the screens fold into one another thus protecting the most delicate and most important part of the device.

Although the frame of the 2DS LX is smaller than the 3DS XL, the screens are the same size on both consoles – hence the name remaining more or less the same 2DS referring to the lack of 3D, but still with the LX screen of the original.

The software of the Nintendo 2DS XL is more or less exactly the same as the 3DS, which means it’s compatible to use with all 3DS and DS Games.


Despite not having the 3D screen, the 2DS XL has the same software, and this allows it access to Nintendo’s huge library of games including some of the classics from Pokemon, to Super Smash Bros. The selection of games isn't quite what's on offer when you play the online slots Canada has to offer, but it covers just about every genre. If retro games are what piques your interest the 2DS XL comes with Nintendo’s Virtual Console, which allows players to purchase buy classics from the Game Boy, NES, SNES.

As always, Nintendo offers something for everyone. If you would prefer to wait for the new Switch, or if you would like something more affordable, the 2DS XL offers a myriad of Nintendo’s famously fun games, at a more affordable price.

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