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iPhone 8 Rumours Ranked

  • Category: News  |
  • 29 Sep, 2017  |
  • Views: 3806  |
The newest iPhone is shortly to be released, and whether or not it ends up being named the iPhone 8, the iPhone Pro, the iPhone Edition, or something else entirely may not be clear, but one thing is: this is looking like one of the most comprehensive updates that the company has ever made to its line of smartphones.

If you are not aware of all of the rumours swirling around the release over the past while, don’t worry about it: we’ve rounded up the biggest reports right here, and present them along with our estimates on the likelihood of them occurring!

1. A Brand New Design

The biggest change to the iPhone is the one we think is most likely to occur: a big redesign. It seems that the company will be radically transforming the front of the phone, with a bezel-free OLED display that is more in line with what is expected from 2017’s flagship device. This means that it will probably look more like the LG V30 or Galaxy S8, rather than staying with the current design, which is becoming somewhat dated. Our guess is that, since it has practically been confirmed, this rumour is probably true. It will make gaming on iPhone even better than ever, and could contribute further to the growth of mobile gaming. The better the display, the more geared towards a premium multi-media experience a device is, and Apple knows this.

2. A Camera that Scans Your Face

The other major update to the iPhone 8 that seems practically guaranteed to occur is the new front-facing camera. It is rumoured to be situated in the oblong cut-out at the top of an otherwise bezel-free screen, and the main focus of the camera is apparently going to be 3D face-scanning tech. This will be used to unlock the phone, just by looking at it, and will replace the current fingerprint-based Touch ID sensor the devices sport. Apple could also be leveraging this technology for other applications as well, including the ability to automatically silence notifications, make payments, and access augmented reality. This rumour is also very likely true.

3. A Price Range Exceeding US$999

Apple has not dramatically altered the price of its chief line of phones for some years now, and at this point you’re looking at:

• The smaller iPhone 7 for between US$649 and US$849, depending on what kind of storage you want
• The larger iPhone 7 Plus, which tops out at US$969 for the 256GB model

If we assume that both these models will stay around these price points, and the iPhone 8 has been positioned as one step up from these models, it does look like the price-rumours are true. How likely is this rumour? Well, you might want to start saving your money or playing the mobile slots Canada has to offer for a chance to win enough to buy the phone!

4. A Brand New Colour

Along with the innovative design, the iPhone 8 is also rumoured to be coming in three colours:

1. Black
2. Silver/White
3. New Brown/Copper/Gold

While there isn’t a huge amount of hard evidence to confirm this happening, it is not unlikely that Apple will be offering a third, golden-hued colour for the iPhone 8. Whether or not is ends up looking as strange as some mock-ups for it suggest remains to be seen, but we’re also of the opinion that this rumour is probably true, too.

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