5 Natural And Efficacious Ways To Grow Gorgeous Rapunzel-Esque Hair

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Loosing your precious hair? Well, that’s a major beauty-problem most of us are facing these days. Thanks to perilous pollution and commercial hair-care products which are manufactured with loads of chemicals. Our busy lifestyle, poor diet and several other hazardous elements adds to the already deteriorating condition of hair. Whether you’re a teenager, someone in her 20’s, or a middle-aged lady, these dangerous things will not spare you!! And thus ultimately leave you with scanty scalp and hair fall problems.

So, without any further ado, you should soon make up your mind to take a holistic approach towards your health and make necessary changes in terms of nutrition and lifestyle. Doing that, you’ll certainly welcome back a new and perfect growth of hair.

Now, in that context, let me discuss about the five key steps that you need to take to excel in your hair growth journey. I am sure that these will help you and ultimately lead you to have thick and silky tresses that you’ve always dreamed of.

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1. Go for the organic hair-care products

You should get rid of the expensive and highly chemical leached hair products that cause a great harm to your hair and instead say hello to the natural products and remedies for maintaining a proper hair growth. There is nothing as good as making the most of what nature has to offer. Moreover, the whole concept of using natural ingredients for hair growth has become a really easy chapter nowadays.

2. Maintain the proper level of stomach acids

When it’s about the flowing locks, yes, stomach acids do play a major role! You might be thinking why and how does it actually happen? Well, achieving lush and beautiful hair boils down to two key factors and these are nothing but nutrient intake and nutrient assimilation. And an adequate amount of stomach acid is necessary for nutrient assimilation. For maintaining a proper amount of stomach acids you should include a lot of green smoothie, ginger in your diet and also don’t drink water after 30 minutes of your meals.

Here’s how the hair growth is influenced by the whole process:

- Hair is made up of keratin and you need adequate amount of this dietary protein and also assimilation of the same.
- When you consume such proteins, your stomach should be highly acidic to breakdown the proteins to amino acids.
- And this is how a proper digestion of the proteins take place.
- Consequently, only after complete digestion, the process of hair building takes place.

In a nutshell, required amount of stomach acids→assimilation of protein→building blocks of silky, thick and long hair.

3. Collagen or gelatin do wonders

A premium quality collagen powder is something which you should obviously opt for. It is having an extraordinary profile of amino acids which provide the building blocks for healthy hair, skin and nails. On including collagen in your daily diet, you can significantly notice the difference within a short period of time.

4. Balanced hormone for healthy hair growth

Besides the huge impact of digestion in the hair-growth process, hormones play a major role in maintaining some healthy tresses. There are some major hormones like cortisol, estrogen, thyroid hormone, etc., which play a great role in this process. It is very much necessary to maintain a proper amount of these hormones in your body in order to relish healthy locks of hair. So, eat healthy fats, consume some adaptogen herbs, have a balanced amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fats to maintain a perfect hormone level.

5. Go for a healthy and balanced scalp

A major hair-fall problem can’t be cured because of a mere topical serum or a magic pill. If somebody shows you these reasons, then it’s totally absurd! Rather, you should concentrate on the digestion, hormone balance, etc., as these are the major factors contributing to your hair fall issue. Besides, maintaining a healthy scalp is of utmost importance. It is advisable that you should use some top-branded natural scalp balancing products available in the market.

These kind of products which have raw ingredients in it don’t strip the hair of the protective natural and essential oils which in-turn encourage a totally balanced scalp. Moreover, you don’t have to wash your hair frequently as your scalp will be balanced and also there will be no need of using any styling products or heating tools.

So, just take care of the aforementioned facts and you’ll certainly not experience any initial or chronic stage of alopecia anymore. Rather, you’ll end up having a bunch of luscious hair-strands which will definitely attract the eyes around you.

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