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Sport Stars and their Rituals... The Bonkers World of Superstition

  • Category: News  |
  • 3 Oct, 2016  |
  • Views: 3644  |
Most sports personalities have fallen into rituals and superstition when it comes to pre game, or even half time routines. Taking part in these routines, has them convinced that it will put them in a more favourable position to win almost every time. From MMA fighters drinking their own urine, to Olympic champion runners listening to gangster rap and shaving their heads, the sports world has some seriously bonkers rituals. Here’s a rundown of the weird and wonderful world of sports stars and their superstitions.

Serena Williams

Professional tennis player, Serena Williams, is one of the most successful female tennis players of all time. She is ranked number one in the world in women’s singles tennis, but Williams has a whole list of superstitions that, she thinks, help her win! When stepping on to the court, she makes sure she brings her show sandals with her, she ties her shoe laces in a specific way, and when playing she bounces the ball five times before her first serve. But the most bonkers and disgusting ritual, is that when Serena is on a winning streak she’ll keep wearing the same pair of socks, UNWASHED! See this infographic here!

Mo Farah

British long distance runner, Mo Farah is the reigning Olympic 10,000-meter champion. To prepare for races Farah, shaves his head and blares out some gangster rap. He says he likes feeing the smoothness of his scalp and splashing cold water on it once he’s done. No we’re not sure either… maybe it enables him to run faster.

Lyoto Machida

Lyoto Machida, known as the ‘Dragon’, is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and was the former UFC light heavyweight champion. Apparently, Machida drinks his urine every morning as does every member of his family.

Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore, captain of the English football team, was another sports person who insisted on some strange pre game rituals. The captain who won the 1996 world cup, ensured he was the last player in the changing rooms to put his shorts on before a game; he would wait till everyone else was dressed before putting his own shorts on. One of his teammates Martin Peters challenged Bobby by taking off his shorts again, after Moore had finished getting dressed. However, Bobby Moore simply took his shorts off again and waited for his teammate to get dressed and leave before he put his shorts back on.

Bjorn Borg

Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg, nicknamed the Ice Man or Ice Borg, used to grow a beard before Wimbledon each year and would refuse to shave it off until after the tournament had finished. Apparently this ritual worked as he won Wimbledon in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1980.

Jade Jones

Welsh martial artist, Jane Jones is someone you really wouldn’t want to mess with. Having won the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics at just 19, her strange, pre fight ritual is to wear her lucky Union Jack pants underneath her uniform when she fights. She says that she always wears them in training so they’re kind of a good luck charm. Thankfully she washes them after she wears them!

So what do you think? Do these pre event superstitions and rituals really make a difference to their performance, or are they just silly routines?

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