What type of sexual pleasure can be felt without penetration?

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1 What type of sexual pleasure can be felt without penetration?

If by now you still believe you can’t enjoy sexual pleasures without penetration, you are wrong. There’s more to sexual pleasures than having penetrating sex or anything affiliated with penetration in any form. Like every other form of sex, sexual penetrating is great, but there’s something much more that can give greater sexual pleasure. If you get to find out, that means you haven’t taken your time to explore everything there is about sexual pleasure. However, you don’t need to fret, if you want to find out more about sexual pleasure excluding penetrating sex, you should read this content to the end.

Sexual pleasures are such that could be a result of your sexual fantasies. You don’t need to always go with the usual penetrating sex or what you watch on porn sites. Most times, you need to visit girls' sex cam to learn from the actual sex workers. You will be surprised to know that you can enjoy sexual pleasure by just smooching with the right person. While this might be a little cliché, it is important that you have sex with someone you feel sexually attracted to, at least if not on a large scale, you should feel an iota of sexual attraction to the person. This will help in sustaining intimacy and making it possible for you to enjoy sexual pleasure even without penetration or any form.

Here are some of the sexual pleasures that you can enjoy without any form of penetration;

• Smooching:

You will be surprised to know that as simple as smooching might be, you and your partner could be involved in it for minutes and even hours at times. It all depends on the level of dexterity of both partners involved in the sex. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that you can enjoy smooching with your partner such that you get to forget everything there is about penetrating for the time being and just concentrate on the intimate moment. One of the facts most individuals don’t know about penetrating sex is that it is not as intimate as they might think it to be. Most times, penetrating sex is rivaled to showing off sexual positions and dexterity, especially if the sex is paid for.

• Kissing and nibbling on nipples:

Sexual pleasures are biological and once you understand your partner’s body, it becomes easier for you to enjoy ecstasy and intimacy. Your body as well as your partner’s body have receptors virtually in all parts of the body. Once you can locate some of the most active receptors and you can carefully arouse them, sexual pleasure becomes possible. One of the most sensitive parts of the body, especially the female’s body, is the breast. The breast is such that has a high number of receptors, especially on the nipples. So, it is possible for you to touch your partner’s nipple or you nibble on the nipples and they become aroused. If you are such a great sucker, you could also nibble on the nipples and watch how much ecstasy would be derived from such a simple act. Without having to engage in any form of penetrating, your partner could enjoy an orgasm from this singular act. The same goes with kissing, the art and act of kissing aren’t just about exchanging saliva’s as we’ve known, it is more intimate and passionate than that, depending on how much you understand it.

• Cuddling:

If you have never stayed all night cuddling, you will never understand how much pleasure could be derived from just laying down next to your favorite person. There are several facts that need to be understood especially when it comes to sexual pleasure and one of them is that you can enjoy just laying down and wrapping arms with your partner. Most cam girls on cam sites explained how much they’ve learned from girls' cam sites over the years regarding how some of their clients just want to cuddle and nothing more. This is to explain how much intimacy could be derived from just cuddling other than the actual sex. So, instead of stressing about penetrating sex that could be dangerous at times, especially when having unprotected sex with someone you don’t know, you can engage in just cuddles. There are several means of cuddling that won’t have to involve anything sexual in any form. Having a girl's cam site to help understand the concept of cuddling is also as important as understanding it first by yourself.

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