Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)

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Sex Dolls can bring absolute joy to a human body without being moody or dramatic. Having a sex doll can be fun for you if you know how to enjoy it perfectly. Despite being sexy and hot, some of the facts related to sex dolls can be really funny and enjoyable.

1 Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)

10 Unbelievable Fun Things About Sex Dolls

It's worth reading the article to understand these ten fascinating facts about the ancient skill of making sex dolls for men to put a penis inside:

1. Barbie Came into Being After Sex Dolls

A sex doll similar to our Head Blonde Latino, a miniature TPE sex doll modeled on a gorgeous German actress, was introduced in Germany in the 1950s. It was marketed for adult males. She was sexual, even though she didn't have any holes. Barbie is said to have been inspired by this, which is something really extraordinary.

2 Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)

2. Sex Dolls Feel Heated Like Normal Sexy Woman

The "dream dolls" have an internal heating system built into their aluminum frame to give their silicone skin a warm, human-like sensation.

3. People Who Love Sex Dolls Are Called "Idolators."

Several males consider the dolls as actual pals, and there's a whole fanbase surrounding them. Because they found women too harsh to cope with, most of these males became idolators. According to Dave cat:

"Most of my friends and acquaintances who are idolators and techno sexual are obsessed with their Dolls. None of the negative attributes that people are born with can be found in dolls. A synthetic will never deceive you, cheat on you, or criticize you."

3 Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)

4. The Inventor of "Flesh Light" Once Tried to Patent a Sex Doll

He applied for a patent for a dummy filled with an "Oily Elastomer" in 1995, which was granted the following year. If it doesn't put you in a good mood, we're not sure what will.

5. A Famous Celebrity Once Did Live Sex with A Sex Doll

A RealDoll was purchased for Howard Stern's program in the 1990s, and he had sex with it on the broadcast. As a result, the business currently sells up to 300 dolls each year (the starting price is roughly $5,500). That doll might have felt like a celebrity sex doll at that event… for sure!

4 Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)

6. People Are Easily Addicted to Sex Dolls

Many people develop emotional attachments to their sex doll partner, and businesses have reported getting "love letters" from clients written to their favorite toy.

7. Most Sex Toy Purchases Are Made by Couples

Richard Longhurst claims that sex toys were formerly considered as a sign of "failure in love and life" because of their association with sex. According to current research, couples who use sex toys are more likely to evaluate their sex life as better than those who don't. These days, every other woman has a boy sex doll for their pleasure and their partner who is having a pornstar sex doll mostly. Neal Slateford, another co-founder, agrees: "The market is basically about couples. Most Love honey users are in long-term relationships".

5 Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)

8. Japanese Created a Movie on Sex Dolls

The Japanese have a knack for bringing a dream to life. Air Doll (2009) is a film about a sex doll that comes to life after becoming self-aware and realizing that she is a person. At this point, the doll is just like any other person who has just experienced their first moments of existence. Loneliness, curiosity, camaraderie, suffering and perplexity, and endurance are all explored in the film.

9. Sex Dolls are High in Weight

115-pound sex dolls are not uncommon, yet the average weight of a synthetic sex doll is 75 pounds. The importance of big booty sex doll is relatively high as compared to regular sex dolls.

6 Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)

10. They are More Than Sex Toys for Men

You may not be startled by the sales numbers, but the nature of some men's relationships with their young sex doll may surprise you. For some people, sex dolls have become more than just fancy masturbatory equipment. Listening to these guys, it's clear that they have a deep emotional connection to their sex dolls. If you ask them, the only thing separating them from actual human beings is the public's opinion of their sexual preferences...

7 Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)


Those who have acquired a sex doll (or two) say that their desires have been fulfilled, despite the cost and time required to maintain and care for them. If you're not interested in buying one, the history, exquisite attention to detail and materials utilized to make it as lifelike as possible were worth the finding. ​

Consumer items connected to sexual enjoyment have evolved and progressed throughout the years as the market for sex-related products has grown tremendously in recent years. The future of sex toys is anyone's guess.

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8 Facts About Dolls For Grown-Ups (8 pics)

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