Jewels Hero

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№1 Author: NIA666 (26 Jul 2013 04:43) Total user comments: 0

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This fukken games cheats all the fukken time. For example, somhow CPU got in second move combo for ~180 - 200 HP of damage. Good luck with that.

Rage quit.

If you don't belive that game cheats try this: don't do anything and always get timed out during your tour. CPU respods: in first tour will try to make 4 in a row or combo and generally atack. This last for three to four tours and CPU will ALWAYS get combo or bonus. Then it goes dumb and always do easiest move WITHOUT any combos. NO combos, baerly attacking, seems easy to defeat. But if you decide to make any move now, CPU gets smart and lucky again and will blast you with double or triple combo.

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