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The Last Moments Before Death

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№1 Author: Jericho (19 Jun 2013 00:30) Total user comments: 483

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Darwin award well deserved.
№2 Author: superfao (19 Jun 2013 02:43) Total user comments: 197

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you mean... he died? :/
№3 Author: Grunt Callahan (19 Jun 2013 06:26) Total user comments: 2009

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This is the translated explanation from Got the video you made a resident of Lipetsk Evgeny Titov for a few seconds before his tragic death. He took off on a mobile phone, as the builders break the wall of non-residential building in the courtyard of the store on Balmochnyh, 17. The video can be clearly seen and heard that Eugene was delayed specifically to capture the fall of the wall. But collapsed from a height of almost 10 meters after hitting the bricks on the ground literally flew apart at an incredible rate. Several fragments catered directly to lichanina. Immediately panic spread. The witnesses need to call an ambulance, but as it became known later, it did not help.

According to relatives of the deceased, he had broken all the ribs, fractured pelvis, damaged internal organs, but "from the head remained just porridge."

For the life of Titov surgeons fought, but could not save him.

Now a video from a mobile phone Eugenia study investigators. According to the relatives of the deceased, the video clearly shows that young people, located between Eugene and construction project, was responsible for the safety of the works, and not to shoot on video.

It is worth noting that suffered another lipchanin. He was a client of the nearby service center. Now it is released from the hospital to home.

His family filed a statement to the Investigation Committee. They hope for fair trial. learned that a representative of the company that produces the dismantling of the building, came to the family Titov and offered help with funeral arrangements, but refused to close.:
№4 Author: rodrigozanatta (19 Jun 2013 07:34) Total user comments: 593

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Wow.. I was thinking the tractor guy will hurt. Sad he die. He was so long from the build and it happens.
№5 Author: fluorescentG (19 Jun 2013 18:51) Total user comments: 3958

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sad for sure. he looked safely out of the way
№6 Author: Lu (19 Jun 2013 21:05) Total user comments: 14800

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Who could have guessed that the bricks would scatter that far.
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