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Boeing 747 Crash at Bagram Airfield

Video | 2 May, 2013 | Views: 7891 |  +22   |  
Footage purports to show the moment a Boeing 747 US cargo plane crashes on its ascent from Bagram airbase, Afghanistan on Monday. The crash has resulted in the death of all seven American crew members on board. The exact cause of the crash is unknown, although there were thunderstorms in the area. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.

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№1 Author: adzhoe (2 May 2013 04:19) Total user comments: 14618

Activity rewards:
Terrible. Amazing vdeo.
№2 Author: waza189 (2 May 2013 04:41) Total user comments: 18

Activity rewards:
Damn! good video but what a terrible terrible accident =S
№3 Author: nitricity (2 May 2013 05:20) Total user comments: 0

Absolutely horrifying.
№4 Author: MathIsHard (2 May 2013 06:31) Total user comments: 1404

Activity rewards:
I know [nothing] about flying, but it looks like it stalled out...
№5 Author: kryptor (2 May 2013 07:13) Total user comments: 3222

Activity rewards:
I've heard that aircraft try to gain as much altitude as possible, immediately after take off, to avoid shoulder fired rockets ..... it appears the pilots mis-calculated their assent angle (climbed too aggressively) ... Not enough altitude to dive and gain airspeed and not enough thrust to power out of it.
That must have been a sickening feeling .... how tragic.
№6 Author: Jockey straddler (2 May 2013 10:02) Total user comments: 612

Activity rewards:
Steep climb, then went into a stall. Not enough altitude and speed to recover the stall..... 02
№7 Author: hmx (2 May 2013 12:02) Total user comments: 435

Activity rewards:
que triste 11

que triste 11
№8 Author: Steve (2 May 2013 13:45) Total user comments: 0

It looks like it was a load shift on roll-out.
As the plane accelerated and then lifted its nose, the cargo slid toward the tail of the aircraft, shifting the balance. It stalled and there wasn't enough altitude to recover.

№9 Author: CabezaCM (2 May 2013 18:43) Total user comments: 104

Activity rewards:
Aw Fuck... is the only thing he said while he is watching a 747 falling from the sky??? That fucking strange!!!!
№10 Author: caliburc (2 May 2013 19:31) Total user comments: 124

Activity rewards:
Cargo pilots don't try and climb like that after takeoff (I've been in a few and watched even more take off), something went wrong. The cargo could have been not properly secured down and shifted during takeoff and caused the back end of the plane to have an excessive amount of weight.
№11 Author: Lu (2 May 2013 21:11) Total user comments: 14800

Activity rewards:
Horrific. Only time will tell what went wrong.
№12 Author: yasirkajak (2 May 2013 23:08) Total user comments: 401

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№13 Author: elrod (4 May 2013 10:20) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
Steve, I'll bet you're right-- payload wasn't tied down correctly, shifted aft and we see the results. Only other non-pilot possibility can be a control surface failure, something busted in the elevator system causing max deviation. (ValueJet jack-screw in Miami) A/C seemed under FULL power, all 4 doing the best they can. "No Win" situation, they did they best they could.
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