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Judge Punishes Girl For Flipping The Bird

Video | 5 Feb, 2013 | Views: 4354 |  +24   |  
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№1 Author: polo (6 Feb 2013 03:26) Total user comments: 173

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He put her $10,000 for saying adios? How is that bad? He should have put her on some sort of help program since that girl obviously has some drug or mental problems.
№2 Author: Shay (6 Feb 2013 07:02) Total user comments: 1223

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He did... 30 day rehab...called jail.
Drugs or not he wiped the dumb appearance off her face for 10K.
Betcha she takes the next court appearance (30 days later) a bit more serious.
Cute looks and dopey attitude will not go far.
Good for him.
№3 Author: Dookhae (6 Feb 2013 08:34) Total user comments: 17

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...did she say her jewelery is worth "Rick Ross"?.....
№4 Author: yamaz (6 Feb 2013 15:31) Total user comments: 570

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She got what she deserved. The judge was initially very understanding and professional. You just can't continue to mock a judge and hope to get away with it, drugs or not.
№5 Author: Floray (6 Feb 2013 15:34) Total user comments: 0

Holy cow, I do not agree with Shay at all. Bumped up to $10,000 for saying Adios? Stupid judge. That was totally uncalled for and you're all going to say, he's a judge and it was disrespectful blah blah blah, saying adios is not disrespectful in the slightest. It wasn't said with any kind of malcontent or menace. That call was BS from the judge, however, flipping him off and saying f*** you was disrespectful and required some punishment.
№6 Author: doh (7 Feb 2013 00:30) Total user comments: 3

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you say "yes your honor" and/or "thank you your honor" not adios. Don't disrespect the power of a judge you will lose every time.
№7 Author: johnny Reynoso (7 Feb 2013 01:57) Total user comments: 3712

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fucking pig pice of shit 27
№8 Author: Jinxaruny (7 Feb 2013 13:21) Total user comments: 10324

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Serves that little cow good!
№9 Author: Kat (9 Feb 2013 06:20) Total user comments: 0

It makes me sad to think of what has happened to her in her life to make her so insane. Or is she just a little idiot who is getting what she deserves? Idk...
№10 Author: Skurupu (11 Feb 2013 23:48) Total user comments: 354

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Well deserved.
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