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Store Robbery Gone Wrong

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№1 Author: ReBirFh (29 Jan 2013 02:47) Total user comments: 25

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The retarded almost killed the mother and her child... would it be worth to kill two innocents to save the money of 1 day's worth of work? 13
№2 Author: rodrigozanatta (29 Jan 2013 03:16) Total user comments: 593

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Yes... This was stupid.. Let he go out and than shot in he...
№3 Author: Jimmy Johnson (29 Jan 2013 04:03) Total user comments: 5518

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I'll bet Wyatt Earp sits in front of his computer just hoping for some action.
№4 Author: Manny (29 Jan 2013 04:19) Total user comments: 0

I agree the shooter was too close to the woman and child.

On the other hand, if the employee hadn't shot the bad guy, who can guarantee , the bad guy would not have shot back into the store?
№5 Author: blah (29 Jan 2013 04:54) Total user comments: 0

You assume the aggressive criminal was only intending to rob the place. Why believe he wouldn't attempt to snatch the kid too? He has already proven that he doesn't care for the life of the child by attempting his criminal act in the child's presence. All the more reason to RESPOND to his aggression with far superior defensive violence.
№6 Author: mfpthebronze (29 Jan 2013 04:58) Total user comments: 0

It's NOT just about defending one day's work. It's about YOUR responsibility to in society to do good, not harm others, and stop others from doing harm.

Catch that last part? We all sit here and think about this one business in this one place. Do you really believe that the robber is going to pocket his $500 and then call it quits? Or will he go armed into another business on another day? This time with your wife or kids working there. 100% of you will sing a different tune when it's you and yours on the line.

I agree, his line of fire was perilously close to the woman and child. However, when you're taking rounds "watch the present flinch when the robber shoots first off screen" you're going to return that fire. And in this case, cleanly and successfully.

I for one say "thank you" to this owner for stopping this robber now, instead of passing the buck to the next hapless son or daughter who encounters him.
№7 Author: Grunt Callahan (29 Jan 2013 05:40) Total user comments: 2009

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Idiot. Just give him the money, easily could have hit that kid.
№8 Author: Are you serious (29 Jan 2013 06:49) Total user comments: 0

What the fuck... that kid was inches away from those fucking bullets. It was not worth it. Holy shit I'm glad she is ok.
№9 Author: catman313 (29 Jan 2013 07:57) Total user comments: 34

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№10 Author: Joepe (29 Jan 2013 19:08) Total user comments: 0

The robber was a 17 years old boy. This was his first attemped to steal money from a shop to buy medicin for he granpa - they had not enough money for it.

He died after several surgerys in the hospital.

The boy was quite good in school and was not in a gang or something else.

--> And is it good to have him killed - finished a live just for some money?
№11 Author: RadicalFX (29 Jan 2013 21:35) Total user comments: 83

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I am glad the world is full of people with the ability to read minds and know when someone comes up to you with a gun and asks for money that they are just going to take it and leave you alone.

The mother is alive, the child is alive and both employees are alive and it very well could of been because of the action the employee took.
№12 Author: choochwhocharlie (29 Jan 2013 21:50) Total user comments: 1752

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I'm sure the employee was just up saying "give him all the money" while using the woman to hide the fact that he was drawing his handgun.
Too bad he didn't knock him down in the store. That robber will think twice before he ever pulls that again. Maybe the stint in jail will get him off the drugs.
Good shooting sir................... 79
№13 Author: johnny Reynoso (29 Jan 2013 22:27) Total user comments: 3712

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13 estupido por poco y le da un balazo a la pequea nia, 13
№14 Author: madsern (5 Feb 2013 12:35) Total user comments: 707

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NRA tard!
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