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Husband's Revenge on Cheating Wife

Video | 24 Jan, 2013 | Views: 6340 |  +64   |  
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№1 Author: Grunt Callahan (25 Jan 2013 07:06) Total user comments: 2004

Activity rewards:
I wish he would follow-up with her reaction.
№2 Author: mantley rawson (25 Jan 2013 12:27) Total user comments: 344

Activity rewards:
So true : he's an idiot !
№3 Author: fairmania (25 Jan 2013 12:55) Total user comments: 1411

Activity rewards:
I would have liked him to top the car off with her bags, ready packed after changing the door locks.

People like that don't want to be married, they're just too cheap to leave. She should have just left.
№4 Author: buset46 (25 Jan 2013 21:34) Total user comments: 431

Activity rewards:
he should have gone "The Godfather" with the horse too.
№5 Author: rudedogg (26 Jan 2013 02:12) Total user comments: 292

Activity rewards:
step 1 make a fake account to the same site,
step 2 befriend her
step 3 arrange a date with her
step 4 meet at local pub
step 5 while she's sitting at bar walk up to her with divorce papers and have her sign them.
step 6 profit?!
№6 Author: Joe123 (26 Jan 2013 03:09) Total user comments: 10

Activity rewards:
Serves her right. Last year a girl cheated on me and now she still considers me a "close friend" because I didn't act on my anger. Some girls are just ruthless.

And then the next morning you see some women empowerment shit where they claim that guys are disgusting pigs.
№7 Author: Hypertension (26 Jan 2013 04:32) Total user comments: 1037

Activity rewards:
Rule number 1 : Never marry a whore, no matter how pretty she is.
Rule number 2 : Don't be a playboy and believe in karma.

That's the golden rules.
№8 Author: pash.maloo (28 Jan 2013 04:12) Total user comments: 1713

Activity rewards:
15 yup would have loved to see her reaction
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