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Amazing Truck Driver's Reaction That Saved a Baby on The Road

Video | 24 Jan, 2013 | Views: 5577 |  +37   |  
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№1 Author: fairmania (24 Jan 2013 02:25) Total user comments: 1411

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Amazing to spot the child in the immediate debris field.

Luck, or just good eyesight? Who cares, the child was alive!
№2 Author: grayson (24 Jan 2013 02:43) Total user comments: 0

I don't know what to think. as soon as they get out of the car, they grab the child (without even checking if he's injured) and their stuff in a rush, almost gives the impression they are going to drive again like nevermind
№3 Author: railrunnerT68 (24 Jan 2013 04:09) Total user comments: 77

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Kill the parents. They have no regard to anyones life. 69
№4 Author: adzhoe (24 Jan 2013 07:19) Total user comments: 14614

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Wow, no seatbelt?
№5 Author: Grunt Callahan (24 Jan 2013 07:43) Total user comments: 2003

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What did they do, just put the baby in the back with the luggage?
№6 Author: paullex (24 Jan 2013 08:06) Total user comments: 591

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The baby is sitting at the back sit with the mother, from the angle of the cars impact, the baby flew out at the rear window. This is definitely drivers fault, illegal overtake, and a bad driver overall.
№7 Author: difolt (24 Jan 2013 14:54) Total user comments: 0

1. The guy overtakes, believing that 4x4 will not skid - bad judgement call, as we can see.

2. Kid is obviously not wearing any kind of seatbelt, neither put in a baby seat.

3. These parents are just plain stupid idiots. They had enormous amount of luck. And that's the only amazing thing about it.
№8 Author: Shadoglare (25 Jan 2013 07:46) Total user comments: 479

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Yes, remember 4 wheel drive is not magic - every winter I see more 4wd vehicles in the ditch than any other kind because people don't understand that 4wd does not stop you from sliding on ice.
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