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Massive BMW 1-Series Accident

Video | 16 Jan, 2013 | Views: 4119 |  +13   |  
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№1 Author: Jimmy Johnson (17 Jan 2013 05:17) Total user comments: 5518

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That's the thing I notice about BMW. Proper tires might have helped.
№2 Author: Bruce Burbank (17 Jan 2013 08:26) Total user comments: 246

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Somebody really needs to learn how to edit these videos. This 1:17 video should have been chopped down to about 20 seconds where the actual crash happens.

Also, this new video player still sucks, AcidCow. Buffering... buffering... buffering... buffering... buffering. I never had these problems with the old player. I assume you needed to use this one because of the whole mobile compatibility thing? Well, maybe you should look for an alternative.
№3 Author: Maxximtl (17 Jan 2013 09:46) Total user comments: 189

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To add insult to injury, not only did this person lose their car, but at the Nurburgring you also have to pay for the damage you cause to the track. This was a very expensive track day for that driver.
№4 Author: Wata (17 Jan 2013 11:38) Total user comments: 0

That looked quite horrific. What I find even more horrific, apart from the crash itself, is how the other two cars didn't stop at all to help. Slowing down to stare/pass isn't really enough. Their lap time was too important.
№5 Author: Gi-Joe (17 Jan 2013 17:42) Total user comments: 960

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Wata, I know it looks as if people don't care when they drive past but you are not supposed to stop on a track. You could get yourself or another driver killed. Just wait for the crew to do their jobs
№6 Author: The Dane (17 Jan 2013 18:54) Total user comments: 0

thanks brother Norway.
Fy Fn!
№7 Author: symon (17 Jan 2013 20:15) Total user comments: 232

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yeah there are marshals to deal with this , Stopping on track can put you and others in danger ..
№8 Author: Barney (20 Jan 2013 15:44) Total user comments: 0

Nrburgring, Germany.
The Green Hell striked again...

BTW, it wasnt a race, just public driving.
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