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Police Officer Trolls Slow Driver

Video | 6 Dec, 2012 | Views: 5644 |  +100   |  
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№1 Author: Funky_monkey (6 Dec 2012 01:50) Total user comments: 72

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Simple things please simple minds...
№2 Author: adzhoe (6 Dec 2012 03:51) Total user comments: 14614

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Driver shouldn't impede traffic in the fast lane!
№3 Author: 1234 (6 Dec 2012 04:22) Total user comments: 1847

Activity rewards:
good sense humor from the cop.....troll got trolled
№4 Author: kryptor (6 Dec 2012 04:30) Total user comments: 3211

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In America, the left lane is considered the fast lane. Slower moving traffic is
supposed to stay to the farthest right lane. I'm sure it's that way in other countries
as well. Police man could have issued a traffic ticket ... nicer way to make his point.
№5 Author: Grunt Callahan (6 Dec 2012 05:25) Total user comments: 2003

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Maybe he got a more important call right before he was going to pull over, but I like to think he was just trolling.
№6 Author: OldOllie (6 Dec 2012 09:49) Total user comments: 619

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"In America, the left lane is considered the fast lane."

Where I live, the left lane is considered the "women's lane." They will drive side-by-side with other women with dozens of cars waiting to pass. It's not uncommon for them to take several miles to pass a semi. 88
№7 Author: MonkeyMonster (6 Dec 2012 12:00) Total user comments: 241

Activity rewards:
Don't cruise in the left lane!!!! 46
№8 Author: jP (6 Dec 2012 16:58) Total user comments: 855

Activity rewards:
What'd you expected?

It's a Honda.... 07
№9 Author: gnusmas (6 Dec 2012 18:08) Total user comments: 49

Activity rewards:
Guy sounds retarded 10
№10 Author: rusboris (6 Dec 2012 23:36) Total user comments: 458

Activity rewards:
Nothing changed. The guy was already driving slow in the left lane. I'm sure he didn't know the etiquette on that. Then he almost got pulled over and 'nevermind'. He just left confused on what he did wrong and next time he'll be on the left lane again.

Cop was being a lazy dumbass and should have followed through with an actual warning
№11 Author: YeahRight (8 Dec 2012 04:29) Total user comments: 1632

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fricken harassment...he doesn't believe... 61 61 61
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