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Crazy Car Driver vs Bikers

Video | 30 Sep, 2012 | Views: 3810 |  -32   |  
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№1 Author: NeMa (1 Oct 2012 02:06) Total user comments: 669

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Why did the idiot is honking??
№2 Author: Greennauta_ (1 Oct 2012 02:45) Total user comments: 485

Activity rewards:
what!!!! ..what a stupid driver!! 17
№3 Author: bagofbrokenglass2 (1 Oct 2012 03:43) Total user comments: 107

Activity rewards:
I understand the car drivers anger. Bikes shouldn't be on public roads like that because its a hazard and they dont move as fast. If a car comes over a hil even at the speed limit and sees the bikes all of a sudden and another car coming whats the driver supposed to do?
№4 Author: miscellaneous (1 Oct 2012 10:30) Total user comments: 4179

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I don't like the bicyclists on the roads either, but that Ford Explorer driver is a jackass
№5 Author: Shalaba (1 Oct 2012 10:58) Total user comments: 381

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Maybe his car got broken and the honk got stucked 15
№6 Author: Gyselinck (1 Oct 2012 11:26) Total user comments: 3061

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i think the guy in the SUV want to say "Hey why did you make sport ? buy a car and become fat !!!" 13 13
№7 Author: RadicalFX (1 Oct 2012 20:26) Total user comments: 83

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I believe all bicyclists if they wish to have the same rights and use the road with other vehicles must register and get insurance for their bicycles.
№8 Author: candysack (1 Oct 2012 21:41) Total user comments: 1435

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they should have just slowed down quickly and before the driver realised it he would have passed them(as the cyclist left more then enough side clearance ) so he could carry on honking like a retard 10
№9 Author: esn36 (3 Oct 2012 03:44) Total user comments: 19

Activity rewards:
that driver was found and charged by the police.
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