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Singing Inside a Car in Poland

Video | 24 Oct, 2010 | Views: 3796 |  +92   |  

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№1 Author: Batman (25 Oct 2010 03:24) Total user comments: 591

Activity rewards:
pretty girl with a fabulous voice
№2 Author: Jimmy Johnson (25 Oct 2010 04:03) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
There may not be XM Satellite in Poland, but at least they got karaoke.
№3 Author: lepsy (25 Oct 2010 07:30) Total user comments: 1252

Activity rewards:
Nice voices . What's the song ?

The more i listen it the more i like it . Note the copilot got too much weed 04
№4 Author: Shay (25 Oct 2010 13:20) Total user comments: 1223

Activity rewards:
№5 Author: NeMa (25 Oct 2010 14:45) Total user comments: 672

Activity rewards:
04 04 04 very nice 01

Track ID???
№6 Author: 2fuzzy (25 Oct 2010 15:58) Total user comments: 10400

Activity rewards:
№7 Author: joffenbaker (25 Oct 2010 17:21) Total user comments: 4948

Activity rewards:
She has an Irish Brogue?
№8 Author: Gyselinck (25 Oct 2010 19:06) Total user comments: 3073

Activity rewards:

Nice voice...? 51 No just an asiatic accent... So it's different as usual... That's all
№9 Author: snaf (25 Oct 2010 21:04) Total user comments: 51

Activity rewards:
SUROWA WERSJA.. but i dunno if thats the name of the song or the girl or what
№10 Author: lepsy (25 Oct 2010 21:18) Total user comments: 1252

Activity rewards:
Thanks :
=h_c6TFM9VTo they're nice .
№11 Author: Folant (25 Oct 2010 22:08) Total user comments: 349

Activity rewards:
awesome song ! 04 04 04 04
№12 Author: NeMa (26 Oct 2010 01:36) Total user comments: 672

Activity rewards:
Track ID:
Surowa Wersja - Rheinkultur
№13 Author: mortex (26 Oct 2010 03:26) Total user comments: 735

Activity rewards:
I like it very much 04 12 05
№14 Author: azgard (26 Oct 2010 19:37) Total user comments: 37

Activity rewards:
nice !
№15 Author: Ty Webb (31 Oct 2010 00:39) Total user comments: 6156

Activity rewards:
yeah about XM radio. there are 2 satellites in a geo-synchronized orbit about 15,000 miles above the earth, One is named 'rock' and the other is 'roll'. each one basically over both coasts of the US. These plus ground 'repeaters' are how we(in the US) get XM radio(sirus is very similar to XM which really does not matter now because they have mergedwell on paper anyway) There are plans for more satelites for Europe,Asia,south and North Africa and Austrailia. There may already be in place. My knowlege comes from visiting the headquarters of XM in Washington DC in 2006 as a reward from Acura/Honda for my sales performance. I was aloud to take three friends to DC our flight,hotel(the mayflower which was AWESOME!) car service for 4 days ending with a private concert with B.B. King and a V.I.P. tour of the entire facility. That place was amaZing!

Ok so I am bragging a little. Sorry. I try to be somewhat mellow and not grandiose.(wow I think I butchered the spelling on that one!) As I have stated here many many Many times.....I AM THE WORST SPELLER IN THE U.S.A.! ANYWAY all of this information is 100% accurate.

REMEMBER I NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER NEVER return to the pages that I leave commnets on so if you want to call me an asshole or send nasty messages , or if you want to say hi ..send me a message on this site OR email me at

I look forward to the hate mail or just a note saying ......whatever.

good night and don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya! 07
№16 Author: strzyga (17 Nov 2010 15:24) Total user comments: 211

Activity rewards:
do not like that kind of music but...pretty voice 04
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