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Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

Pics | 11 Mar, 2010 | Views: 593033 |  +49   |  

Scary photos.
They were made by George Georgiou who worked in Kosovo and Serbia between 1999 and 2002.

1 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

2 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

3 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

4 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

5 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

6 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

7 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

8 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

9 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

10 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

11 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

12 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

13 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

14 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

15 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

16 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

17 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

18 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

19 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

20 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

21 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

22 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

23 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

24 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

25 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

26 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

27 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

28 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

29 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

30 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

31 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

32 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

33 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

34 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

35 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

36 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

37 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)

38 Psychiatric Hospitals in Serbia (38 pics)


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№1 Author: croat (11 Mar 2010 00:26) Total user comments: 0

i'm from croatia and i tell you brother, these serbian creeps are just as shown.
№2 Author: picklini (11 Mar 2010 01:09) Total user comments: 352

Activity rewards:
very sad pictures. :(
№3 Author: nicole (11 Mar 2010 01:12) Total user comments: 0

why are kids there! _:(
№4 Author: Grunt Callahan (11 Mar 2010 01:55) Total user comments: 2003

Activity rewards:
was that his brain showing?
№5 Author: MathIsHard (11 Mar 2010 02:25) Total user comments: 1404

Activity rewards:
@croat shut up troll!
№6 Author: djo (11 Mar 2010 02:29) Total user comments: 0

hey croat, shut the f*ck up.. sick idiot !
№7 Author: zenone (11 Mar 2010 02:42) Total user comments: 335

Activity rewards:
№8 Author: Ty Webb (11 Mar 2010 03:47) Total user comments: 6156

Activity rewards:
this is more than mental problems.......It looks to me that some of the kids are inbred....there is more to this than what we see here in these pics.

I find that I can't possibly make a joke here. These pictures are very upsetting!!

what does ''just as shown mean''? obviously the others get it because what ever it means you pissed off the other people in here.
№9 Author: astroboy3000 (11 Mar 2010 04:32) Total user comments: 2543

Activity rewards:
life sucks when you're bat-shit crazy.
№10 Author: alpapito (11 Mar 2010 04:50) Total user comments: 97

Activity rewards:
Depressing pictures....where is the government in this pictures?
№11 Author: Patty (11 Mar 2010 04:54) Total user comments: 1766

Activity rewards:
Powerful and depressing.
№12 Author: gerachev (11 Mar 2010 05:16) Total user comments: 1600

Activity rewards:
02 15
№13 Author: QueenFaw (11 Mar 2010 05:19) Total user comments: 51

Activity rewards:
Very strong. I didn't think I'd be so quickly affected by these. I admire those strong enough to care for these people..
№14 Author: lepsy (11 Mar 2010 05:48) Total user comments: 1252

Activity rewards:
I'm into psychiatry , and can tell this is more than just mental illness . Some look as homeless, others mentally retarded ( which is not the case with schizo ...the brain photo looks weird, though .
@croat : you lived there , that's the point ?
№15 Author: travellinardie (11 Mar 2010 05:51) Total user comments: 0

"HELL" would just about cover it I think.

QueenFaw, - I'm thinking "care" isn't what these guys are getting.
№16 Author: fefe (11 Mar 2010 06:00) Total user comments: 269

Activity rewards:
... 02
№17 Author: Real Deaf (11 Mar 2010 06:24) Total user comments: 1371

Activity rewards:
I 29 U
№18 Author: EarlpitsII (11 Mar 2010 07:04) Total user comments: 131

Activity rewards:
Now I know why Hitler tried to kill all the mentally handicapped.
№19 Author: the_dado_666 (11 Mar 2010 08:15) Total user comments: 2258

Activity rewards:
even here the Croats and Serbs must argue.. 13
№20 Author: splićo (11 Mar 2010 08:38) Total user comments: 0

hey croat, i'm croat too but anyway i'll gladly beat your ass.! you motherfucker you!
№21 Author: marianna (11 Mar 2010 09:42) Total user comments: 115

Activity rewards:
very very very sad :(
№22 Author: salsapopo (11 Mar 2010 10:47) Total user comments: 12722

Activity rewards:
very very very sad
№23 Author: lol123 (11 Mar 2010 10:56) Total user comments: 0

Nice comment Splico
I would kick his sick ass 2 79
№24 Author: benga (11 Mar 2010 11:14) Total user comments: 144

Activity rewards:
the goverment is busy acting like "we are peacfull peaople" and hiding war criminals
fuck serbs
im not croat but i agree whit them
№25 Author: Faya (11 Mar 2010 11:15) Total user comments: 199

Activity rewards:
№26 Author: steveo (11 Mar 2010 11:56) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
Što se tiče Srba i Hrvata, isti smo kreteni i gluperde... Dozvolili smo političare da nas izigraju i nateraju da se poubijamo kao najgore džukele, uradimo neke stvari koje nam nikad u životu ne bi pale na pamet dok smo uživali na Hrvatskom primorju ili Srpskim ulicama... Za vreme i posle tog jebenog rata nikom nije bilo dobro, daleko od toga, osim smrdljivim predsednicima i govnjivim funkcionerima, ratnim profiterima, ljudima koji se hrane na bedi i smrti... E ove slike su ogledalo njihove Srbije...
№27 Author: poe (11 Mar 2010 12:43) Total user comments: 0

When you stop to think about it.. Yugoslavia was the strongest eat-european country (exept Russia) and when the russian economy colapsed this country could have taken over for Russia as the main east-european economy
It's just sad to see the number they did on all you yugoslavians - serbs, croats, bosnians all fighting eachother... sad
(and btw I'm not sure if "they" are the americans)
№28 Author: 2fuzzy (11 Mar 2010 14:03) Total user comments: 10400

Activity rewards:
Very sad
№29 Author: steveo (11 Mar 2010 14:23) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
They dont have nation, that's for small people like me and you... Were not even a number, just decimal, parts of hundreds and thousands...
№30 Author: Mike Litoris (11 Mar 2010 16:42) Total user comments: 0

These pictures are from Kosovo, since 1999. Serbian part of land with only 10% Serbs in it. That part of Serbia is the poorest, and people are struggling to survive, since the Albanians settled there ande decided to proclaim independence on other republic grounds (yes it would be like canadian people go to texas, kill majority and force move out all texas people and then declare independent republic of canadian texas)... Not all mental hospitals in Serbia are like that, 96% are on european union level with full monitoring and health care, 2 or 3 worst are in Kosovo.

About Croats post...
He is chauvinists... Since the ware, he decided to hate everything Serbian... Wit his post he tried to convince non Serbian people that Serbian living and healthcare conditions are like those in pictures, that they are poor, killing oriented etc...
№31 Author: Shay (11 Mar 2010 17:01) Total user comments: 1223

Activity rewards:
Wow...very great photography and very disturbing all at the same time.
№32 Author: Broughton (11 Mar 2010 17:45) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
@ Steveo: You said it, man.
@ Croat: Don't be so angry. No reason for that crap anymore. Listen to Steveo.
@ everybody else: Do you really believe everything you read on the net? In regards to this subject, the well known MSNBC has something to say also: just go to
315386/ns/dateline_nbc/ and check out some more dreadful pictures taken from some of mental institutions. And while you there, check the picture No.1, taken in Special Institute for Children and Youth. Awful picture of 75 year old boy...

Wait...did I say 75 year old boy? Yes, I did...but, this guy on the picture doesn't look like he is child or youth - does it mean that the picture is taken on some different place? God forbid, press (etc) wouldn't lie to us.

Don't believe without thinking it first. Yes, those people and children exist. Yes, there is someone to blame. But you can't say the whole nation is bad. Not one single nation in the world is bad. Individuals are bad.

Not even Serbs or Croats 01
№33 Author: Random (11 Mar 2010 17:47) Total user comments: 0

There aren't even words to describe just how horrible this really is....

Don't get me wrong either-people should definitely see these kinds of photos, although they still can't really express these people's true suffering- those who haven't been confined in a mental insitution just can't imagine what it's like.

Much less in a place like this...
№34 Author: really? REALLY?! (11 Mar 2010 18:10) Total user comments: 0

that's not a hospital...that is hell. why so many children? Pray for them all. God help them.
№35 Author: thiago (11 Mar 2010 18:33) Total user comments: 3

Activity rewards:

: (
№36 Author: aks3167 (11 Mar 2010 18:40) Total user comments: 1674

Activity rewards:
i almost cried , realy sad to see those people ....
№37 Author: Ghnosto (11 Mar 2010 18:47) Total user comments: 393

Activity rewards:
sad & depressing

i dont have words

№38 Author: sretko (11 Mar 2010 19:59) Total user comments: 0

many countries have the same problems of not only the "Serbian" I believe that they are not from serbia
№39 Author: EarlpitsII Sucks (11 Mar 2010 20:03) Total user comments: 0

@ EarlpitsII- Now you know why Hitler tried to kill all of the mentally handicapped?

Are you sick? Spineless people look the other way while tyrants do such deeds. An ignorant comment from an uninformed ass. There's more to those pictures than you'll ever know. Do the research, if it's not beyond your mental capacity.
№40 Author: khannibal (11 Mar 2010 21:48) Total user comments: 4711

Activity rewards:
№41 Author: Dust (11 Mar 2010 23:24) Total user comments: 235

Activity rewards:
Seventeenth picture, the man showing the top of is skull, what's the matter??
It's creepy.

Poor people, mentally illness are terrible.
№42 Author: George Georgiou (12 Mar 2010 00:01) Total user comments: 0

These photos are taken out of context. The photographs were taken in 1 institution in Kosova/o and 2 in Serbia. My full statement from my website reads:

"Between 1999 and 2002, I visited three psychiatric institutions while living and working in Kosova and Serbia on a long term project, Between The Lines, on the aftermath of the NATO conflict with Serbia. The work from the institutions, a story on it's own, is also an integral part of this bigger narrative of conflict, division, difference and exclusion.
Having spent four years teaching a photography class to people with psychiatric disorders in London prior to this, psychiatric institutions and patients were not alien to me and I was aware of the fluctuating behavioural patterns. What I found in Kosova and Serbia was a far cry form contemporary practice in London.

When I first visited the institutions they were hidden from the gaze of the general public and came as a shock to Serbs when they were exposed. Money, during the years of the Milosevic regime had drained away, leaving filthy conditions, contagious diseases, lack of medical care and rehabilitation and a failure to provide oversight due to an unmotivated low paid staff struggling with their own economic difficulties.

The worst aspect was the total lack of care and stimulation and the high number of people who should never have been in these places. People with physical disabilities, (the boy with no legs was a victim of a car accident and orphaned), downs syndrome, a high proportion of Roma or children whose misfortune was to have been born in the institutions. By living in this environment of deprivation, with little stimulation or compassion they start to display repetitive rocking behaviour and self-injury.

By 2002, on my final visits, money had been raised in a public campaign of awareness in Serbia and with the help of a number of NGO’s conditions had improved. For me, after the initial shock at the conditions and total lack of care, it became clear that the patients from all ethnic backgrounds were able to display more community, affection and care with each other, than the sad situation that their "sane" countrymen were displaying to each other on the outside."
№43 Author: Louie (12 Mar 2010 03:45) Total user comments: 8183

Activity rewards:
№44 Author: nuts2u (12 Mar 2010 06:15) Total user comments: 828

Activity rewards:
Terrible pictures. Poor people who have no hope, no future. Thanks for the added info George Georgiou. Hopefully things will improve.
№45 Author: EarlpitsII (12 Mar 2010 07:38) Total user comments: 131

Activity rewards:
@Earlpits Sucks

You seem to not understand that I do not care about these people in the slightest, nor do I care that you think I am heartless. C'est la vie.
№46 Author: Stick (12 Mar 2010 13:13) Total user comments: 0

Quote: EarlpitsII
You seem to not understand that I do not care about these people in the slightest, nor do I care that you think I am heartless. C'est la vie.

If you didn't care what people thought you wouldn't come back to read everyone's replies.
Quote: poe
(and btw I'm not sure if "they" are the americans)

Nope, that's their own shame. As popular as it is to do, you can't blame everything on those pesky Americans.
№47 Author: shaun (12 Mar 2010 19:24) Total user comments: 0

George Georgiou,
George Georgiou,
№48 Author: EarlpitsII Sucks (12 Mar 2010 19:42) Total user comments: 0

@Earlpits II

Since you care not what people think of you, then we shouldn't expect a response to this.

I would bet that your life is not worth bragging about, so your lack of interest in other humans would make sense. So chin, chin and hold out for your next series of boob photos.

C'est la vie.
№49 Author: cayene87 (12 Mar 2010 20:44) Total user comments: 0

THIS IS CALLED PROPAGANDA!I have been studying types of propaganda used by NATO 1999 against Serbia.That is way innocent people were bombed,this pictures and many others were published to convince the whole world that Serbs are criminals and Milosevic is murder.Same thing happened few years later in Iraq,also this time Saddam Hussein was represented as a brutal murder.If somebody is interested I have a real evidence of propaganda like this used against Serbia and their people.I was there it is a country that is going to become part of Europe Union in 2014 year with Croatia.So why would European Union accept that country if something like this is happening?!
№50 Author: cskills43 (13 Mar 2010 00:32) Total user comments: 0

"Living is easy with eyes closed" Stawberry Fields Forever, The Beatles

Its easy living in the USA pretending that these things do not happen around the world. Its very unfortunate the pain that people around the world have to endure for their entire lives without ever loving or being loved in return.

№51 Author: EarlpitsII (13 Mar 2010 03:32) Total user comments: 131

Activity rewards:
@EarlpitsII Sucks,

You also seem to lack very basic reading comprehension. I said that I do not care that I may appear to be heartless. This simply does not impact my life or anything related to it in the slightest ergo, I do not care about these people. Just because someone is sick does not make it my burden to care for them.
№52 Author: Horas_vs_Set (14 Mar 2010 17:01) Total user comments: 476

Activity rewards:
that top of the head looks fucked
№53 Author: serb (16 Mar 2010 00:04) Total user comments: 0



№54 Author: mst13 (16 Mar 2010 21:27) Total user comments: 0

fuck the croats and serbs MTF!!! thats fuck up fucken goverment thats all they f!! care for bullshit and not for the most important things like a human soul thats been misstreated and racist against thats some bullshit theres some kids that doesnt even fucken belong there if they wre to be treated thet rite way and with the rite fucken care and medication fuck the freewolrd!!!
№55 Author: Jimmy Johnson (18 Mar 2010 03:03) Total user comments: 0

Mental disorders like alzeheimers are the scourge of human existence. Cancer, is at least merciful that it doesn't take your mind. To live without the capacity to remember how to wipe your ass or recognize your loved ones is the definition of hell.
№56 Author: Cewre (19 Mar 2010 02:30) Total user comments: 567

Activity rewards:
Sad... just sad
№57 Author: Jinxaruny (22 Apr 2010 14:35) Total user comments: 10324

Activity rewards:
№58 Author: shewentwhoa (2 May 2010 04:05) Total user comments: 1308

Activity rewards:
This is really really sad, it seems like there are more than just mental problems going on here. But, we will never know.
№59 Author: Serb (1 Feb 2014 02:17) Total user comments: 0

You Croat know very well that Serbs dosnt look like people on this pictures. This is not European faces at all! Sick liar
№60 Author: Elena (1 Feb 2014 20:14) Total user comments: 0

croat sram te bilo, i ti si srbin samo to ne znas pizda ti materina

these pics were taken during the "war" in and after '99, these people lost their families, lost parts of their bodies and regreted surviving, its reasonable why they lost their mental stability during that American bombing.
As a Serbian girl i take these very disturbing, but world should see and know what they did to us. This was just 15 years ago people... Very, very painful...
№61 Author: Tatala (2 Feb 2014 03:20) Total user comments: 0

This is not Serbia!
№62 Author: Peca (2 Feb 2014 20:20) Total user comments: 0

Where is the profe that these pictures was made in Serbia?I think that this is just propaganda against Serbia.Hospitals in Serbia are not like this.This is a lie.Why the author of these pictures didn't wrote where where this pictures taken?
№63 Author: ludi goksi (3 Feb 2014 00:20) Total user comments: 0

@Croat it's not okay to say things like that, u have the same people, and the same institutions in croatia and you know it, shame on you, and rasism is a thing of the past. Jebo sam ti majku svejedno. and the other comments just say the same things that i just did. Bilo kako bilo, sram te bilo, da Bog da ti svaka dala a ti ne mogo, da Bog da imao proliv sledecih nedelju dana cisto kao kazna, karma: sve se vraca sve se placa. Sve najbolje.
№64 Author: KOLJAC USTASA (3 Feb 2014 00:42) Total user comments: 0

№65 Author: Lucia (4 Feb 2014 02:20) Total user comments: 0

I lived in Serbia for last 15 years and I can tell you that these are not pictures from Serbia. I lived 5 years in Belgrade (capital city) and another 10 years in Novi Sad. Although it is not state party to European Union it is a European country in the full sense of the word. It is country of beautiful nature, great history, pleasant and educated young people. You have must heard of EXIT- music festival. I was there a few times and it was great! You people should come and visit Serbia, I assure you that you will have great fun and learn something new! be open minded please, do not believe everyone and everything!!
№66 Author: Nebojsha (4 Feb 2014 12:47) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
These shocking photos are hardly from Serbia (according to building materials, flooring, wall cladding, type of radiators, brick dimensions and patterns).

As a most obvious example, house on photo 29 is surely not photographed in Serbia, since such houses are absolutely unknown in Serbian building practice..

Nobody uses the brick pattern shown on the photo 17 in Serbia. Radiator from the photo 37 haven't ever being used here. And there's a lot of other details...

I am an architect from Serbia and I know what I am talking here.

Photos are most likely from some ex-soviet country, where wood is cheap...

Hoping to read author's comment on this.

№67 Author: ND SaVa (4 Feb 2014 17:09) Total user comments: 0

Hm, some of these "hospitals" (if I can use this name for 'it') might be in occupied province Kosovo & Metohija. But probably many pics are not even from there but from who knows where. I heard that some of these "hospitals" exist in Kosovo, as Kosovo were, I will use word: burned by depleted uranium bombs and other junk but brought by NATO in "peacekeeping mission" in 1999. (it seems they needed somewhere to deliver their junk) And some anomalias and unusual things are happening to both - nature and humans there. But I believe, that these are all propaghanda photoes, it's the same technique, same coreography, same "message" which needs to send to the people - aka: look how bad, ugly and evil are those Serbs. But actually Serbs are most hospitable people in the Balkans. Everyone who knows a bit of history and ever visited Serbia can agree with this. So,... just another propaghanda lies which needs to be delievered into a brainwashed minds.

Nebojsha, I absoulutely agree. I'm not an architect but I've noticed some of these things which you've mentioned. Also, I've noticed some other... look at the hat on the picture 33 (doesn't it remind you on some specific "hat"?! Pay attention- these are all black-and-white photoes, but even there what is "black" will stay deep-black. And who in our neighbourhooding weared these black-hats? )
Then, photo No. 29. Look at the canister guys. These type of canisters are not from here, it looks like German food-canister from WW II. These pics are a way too strange and only a sharp-eye can see the truth! Lies & prophaganda!
№68 Author: oumayma (4 Feb 2014 19:02) Total user comments: 0

verrrrryyyyy sad ! that makes me believe that hell exist !
№69 Author: tester (4 Feb 2014 19:39) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
№70 Author: Judy (4 Feb 2014 21:06) Total user comments: 0

Yes... facility should be in a better state... but mostly, as I see, patients are not bound if not self-destructive... they have an amount of freedom to roam and interact with others. Not having clothes on is mostly usually their own decision. They do seem undernourished, but other than these facts, the photos do not show any ill-treatment or anything more upsetting than those of western institutes such as, where being tide to do the beds on much less run down facilities are no better solutions. The thought of any human having to live their life in any such matter is the most disturbing to all, but if these unfortunate souls were to walk on any of our streets, society would reject them and eventually cause more trauma to them... with our help. There has to be an in-between... My guess is natural surroundings, love and care... but before any one of u, or even I can provide such assistance, pointing fingers will just not help at all... an easy way out... that's what that is.
№71 Author: Stoich (5 Feb 2014 01:10) Total user comments: 0

These photos are no doubt from institutions for people and children with mental and other disabilities.

This picture was not limited to Serbia but was wide spread in the former communist countries, because after 1990 all countries lack of funds for these institutions and no alternatives where these people could go.

During communism they actually functioned relatively well, though the people in them were usually isolated and the actual institutions were out of the way where the public did not see them.

To this day the majority of people even in their own countries were never aware or didn't know about them, much like Americans didn't know about what was going in their institutions during the 50s,60s and 70s.

The conditions are the result of 20 years of lack of funds for even basic needs and falling apart of the material base. At most work mostly uneducated people as there is no money and no way to get people to go to out of the way rural villages to work in these places.

For the last 10 years there has been a lot of work done in all those countries in trying to create an alternative base of non-government and government institutions which care for these people, but the capacity has not yet reached the levels needed everywhere.

The use of the pictures for hate and political purposes is appalling to say the least, this is a human tragedy not a chauvinist propaganda tool.
№72 Author: Kurd (5 Feb 2014 04:15) Total user comments: 0


Look, saddam was a murderer, it's not what he's solelly known for in iraq but he did mass murder kurds, i hope you know.

№73 Author: drserbia (5 Feb 2014 10:14) Total user comments: 0

I'm student from Serbia, studying medicine here, and we have to go to most of the psych hospitals. Believe me, this is not this bad as it looks, at least now and few years ago. The period when this photos were made was very poor for Serbia (with Kosovo), because it was bombarded by NATO 1999., many casualties, homeless and poor people on the edge, many refugees from Kosovo, and of course mental illness. Most of psych hospitals are in great shape know, for example, in city were I study, patients have their house (''house in the middle'' is called) where they are preparing for life outside the hospital. Great conditions, tons of activities and workshops for patients, they even get ''salary''

for objects they make and sell in workshop to others, which they can spend. And people in medical staff are really like friends to them, they know every patient's name and talk and hang out with them. So, really can't judge watching these photos.

Disclaimer: I actually don't have any reason to lye, so this the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
№74 Author: Gagili (5 Feb 2014 18:30) Total user comments: 0

BTW if this pictures r realy from Serbia , then they were made in Kosovo during the NATO bombing 1999." George Georgiou who worked in Kosovo and Serbia between 1999 and 2002."
And BTW that picture can be only picture of Serbs who were killed by Albanians becouse of
organ trafficking network!!!
I do not know who owns this site and why they persistently try to view the Serbs in such heinous ways.What is the point of that?
Maybe it's easier to make the other bad, then admit that you're bad.
If u have time u should read this , and remove this fake description of this pictures .

Gde je moj post smradovi
№75 Author: also croat (5 Feb 2014 19:44) Total user comments: 0

croat, i'm from croatia too, and you are one stupid idiot
№76 Author: Veze1968 (5 Feb 2014 21:41) Total user comments: 0

Not enough description on the exact whereabouts of the place shown in the photos...
№77 Author: moci77 (6 Feb 2014 02:01) Total user comments: 0

People! I am hungarian! I could also have probs with serbs... ( I don't think I should explain it) BUT!!! It is nothing about ethnical things. Pictures are sad, doesn't matter where they were taken on earth, it shouldn't happen anywhere!!! And it is very sad, that in Europe this can happen :(((
№78 Author: armageddon (6 Feb 2014 04:12) Total user comments: 0

CROATS, BOSNIANS and SERBS, read this!

Certain foreign countries are preparing new war in Europe, which should start on Balkans around 2018.

They already started spreading propaganda and supporting extreme right-wing parties and extreme football fans to make riots and spread nationalism.

Religion is being pumped up again. Youngsters are now more religious than the previous generation. Atheists and agnostics are being pointed at, as if we're living in 1514 and not 2014. Even priests pedophile affairs are now being reduced in media, so that people embrace religion again. This is true in entire Europe, but especially on Balkans. Right-wing parties will be winning everywhere.

This is the preparation for the war. How it will start? Well, somebody will activate a bomb somewhere and accuse the other side. Then the other side will activate bomb and accuse those first. In reality, those bombs will be planted by the same (third party) and their sole purpose will be to provoke the conflict.

My message is: Don't be naive . Whatever happens, be assured it's there to provoke the war. They want us to kill each other again. Don't do it. And tell everyone. Tell them that war is being planned by the end of this decade. Don't fall for it.

Members of the right-wing parties are actually working against their own countries. They are not patriots. They think they are, but they are working for the enemies of their country, because they don't understand what is going on. Tell everyone. And watch the media. Watch those bastards. Mainstream media is a bunch of traitors.
№79 Author: Just me (6 Feb 2014 10:05) Total user comments: 0

Hell on earth. Made worse by the bickering between us and our Serbian brothers. Croatian.
№80 Author: Nemanja (6 Feb 2014 13:55) Total user comments: 0

First of all, those pictures are taken in the period of the end of 1999. till 2002. from some of mental facilities in Kosovo.
As you all know very good, Kosovo is taken in blood from Serbian people during the war in 1999. Those facilities are under the Albanian jurisdiction and we do not know nationality of the peoples on shown pictures.
It's a sick propaganda from Albania and Western Europe to present Serbs as guys from Stone age.
I fill really sorry for all of those children/guys and I would like that they are in Serbians facilities to get a real and lovely treatment as they deserved!
№81 Author: Ivona (6 Feb 2014 17:39) Total user comments: 0

I live in Serbia and if anyone tell me where in Serbia that picture are made I promise that for weekend I will go there with photos as evidence. But author must tell me where he made that pictures!
№82 Author: Real life (6 Feb 2014 19:19) Total user comments: 1

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Fucking propaganda . This was not taken in Serbia, probably Albania or somewhere in south Kosovo and Metehija where Albanians torutured Serbs and others non-albanians...
№83 Author: New Now (7 Feb 2014 01:14) Total user comments: 0

Hrak, ne seri, 'leba ti!!!
english: croat, no shit, ass-wipe!!!
№84 Author: Nobody (7 Feb 2014 02:41) Total user comments: 0

Imagine the smell and noise that the camera can not capture.
№85 Author: Croatian (7 Feb 2014 16:55) Total user comments: 0


As a Croatian.. I'm ashamed of you.
Please change your nickname.

№86 Author: ALbanian (9 Feb 2014 17:01) Total user comments: 0

Most of serbians deserve to be here...You don't know them but ask Kosova Albanians and Bosnians and Croatians they will tell you who they really are...It's sad because we are all humans but most of serbians deserve to be locked on a psychiatric hospital.
"if you give them your finger,they will take you'r whole hand"
It's a albanian Proverb ;)
№87 Author: Viki (13 Feb 2014 10:20) Total user comments: 0

Jejku jak na to patrze to a mi si ezka w oku krci.
Wedug mnie byli pod z opiek,bo jak mona komu wykonywa zabieg labotomii.
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