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Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

Pics | 6 Feb, 2014 | Views: 25391 |  +5   |  

Japanese army committed an overwhelming amount of war crimes during the World War II.

1 Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

2 Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

3 Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

4 Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

5 Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

6 Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

7 Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

8 Japanese War Crimes in WWII (8 pics)

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№1 Author: Ano (6 Feb 2014 04:01) Total user comments: 0

How about China's "Peace" crimes. That's China's crimes during period of no war: Human organ "harvesting", invading neighboring countries killing people in the process , crack down on opposition (Tibet dissidents, Fa Lung Gong practitioners ...), stealing technological inventions from US, Japan ...? Yea. Cannibalism too (Human flesh pills ...) ... Anyone want to know more?
№2 Author: candysack (6 Feb 2014 04:37) Total user comments: 1435

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who is 'we' who never talk about it?i learnt quite some about it in high school and it could have come up since then, so i dont know about you but we talk about it, occasionally, not like every other tuesday or something 07
№3 Author: mos ene (6 Feb 2014 04:52) Total user comments: 123

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what japan did asshole, look what 'merica do !!!
japan paid too much for what they did, merica never :)
this is war, shit happens...
№4 Author: Lolo (6 Feb 2014 05:02) Total user comments: 0

nothing compared to the crimes committed by USA worldwide
№5 Author: m0ck0 (6 Feb 2014 05:22) Total user comments: 148

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stop it with the stupid us propaganda please...
№6 Author: From Brasil With Love (6 Feb 2014 05:22) Total user comments: 0

Who never talks about it? Good material, let's review the other 6 or 7 bad guys in those wars.
№7 Author: CoyDog (6 Feb 2014 06:45) Total user comments: 135

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No mention of the systematic rape?! "Comfort" women?! Wow. You need to re-post this with more information.
№8 Author: Felixthedog04 (6 Feb 2014 06:59) Total user comments: 0

And what about america nuking them, hm? Isn't it even a bigger crime. Not to mention the native american genocide and other "liberating" wars!!
№9 Author: 1234 (6 Feb 2014 07:07) Total user comments: 1847

Activity rewards:
02 always been interested in political hostilities in movies between japs/koreans/chines

imagen the power of chines today....they can invade japan in 1st half of football match plus they're aging population there's nothing the japs can do about it
№10 Author: capt.huffnpuff (6 Feb 2014 07:33) Total user comments: 2734

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mos ene, Your knee jerk reaction just stuck your foot in your mouth and you look like a fool. Your ignorance is beyond comprehension. Which Allied War Crimes do you refer to?
№11 Author: nanodeath (6 Feb 2014 10:02) Total user comments: 2

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Every nation in this world has a blood on his hand. We should all remember, but we cannot blame people around us who never lived in those times. Today Pole can go for a beer with German or Russian and have a fun, but please explain me why Korean cannot do the same with Japanese?(My point of view)
№12 Author: anakin fartwalker (6 Feb 2014 12:03) Total user comments: 368

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from 1942-1945 Japanese Empire occupied my country.

good post a/c! 04
№13 Author: cwe8 (6 Feb 2014 15:53) Total user comments: 0

I remember seeing a doco where Australian WW2 Diggers said in Papua New Guinea they would find their dead with their legs cut off at the knee and feet. The Japanese would eat the calves as they are meaty and easy to carry. But that was a long time ago and a different culture,time to move on. In South Australia we use to have a Turkish WW1 veteran (our enemy) who was permitted to march on ANZAC Day and after the horrors that man would have witnessed he was shown the respect he deserved.
№14 Author: Dingbat (6 Feb 2014 16:34) Total user comments: 0

When you say in the second image.

"Germany this, Pearl Harbour that, concentration camps............ but no one ever mentions Japan."

Are you aware that the Attack on Pearl Harbour was from Japan?

Check yer facts numb nuts.

Terrible things happen during times of war. Thats not an excuse, but dont push all the blame onto one nation. America, the Uk, Japan, Russia ... all did terrible things during the war. And its still going on today, i countries like Syria and North Korea. So maybe focus on the present and forget about the past. it was more than 60 years ago. Huh?
№15 Author: Ano (6 Feb 2014 17:19) Total user comments: 0

-1 should not post propaganda/political views on its website.
№16 Author: styopa (6 Feb 2014 17:37) Total user comments: 570

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Japanese cannibalism of downed US pilots in the Pacific is well-documented too.
№17 Author: Jack796 (6 Feb 2014 18:43) Total user comments: 94

Activity rewards:
More info from unit 731:

Usa cover/hide all these to get medical information from japan..

№18 Author: velio70 (6 Feb 2014 19:25) Total user comments: 1347

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let me state my opinion too! bla bla bla bla America! bla bla bla Japan! bla bla bla Germany! bla bla bla bla propaganda! bla.. bla. a little more bla, ok, go bla yourself
№19 Author: Lu (6 Feb 2014 19:44) Total user comments: 14793

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'You let the other bastard die for his country' - Patton.
№20 Author: mama cass (8 Feb 2014 04:42) Total user comments: 0

Its unfortunate that this happened, but I don't see why I should be made to feel bad for something that happened decades before I was even born.
№21 Author: Lucky (8 Feb 2014 13:08) Total user comments: 0

Post more war crimes of other countries. If you don't, it seems that you're just anti-Japanese.
№22 Author: rodrigozanatta (13 Feb 2014 21:07) Total user comments: 592

Activity rewards:
That was another time. Every country did war crime. We can get various examples. USA bomb a lot of place in Germany. At end, use a nuclear bomb is just a "little big bomb" than the same they send in germany.

Even Brazil did bad things. Send a lot of untrained, unequipped people to fight in Italy.

In a war, everyone is a monster! Everyone did bad things.

You are not being true if you get a small cases and use it like common. In battle of Berlin, there were a lot of rapes by URSS soldiers, but maybe 95% of all URSS soldier in belin DID NOT rape a woman. Just to see, in perspective, how "low" was the rape taxes.

There is no winner in a war!
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