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The $22,000 Ashera cat (3 pics)

Pics | 2 Mar, 2009 | Views: 23598 |  +10   |  

A California company called Lifestyle Pets is selling the "Ashera" cat that costs $22,000. That's for the cheapest Ashera cat; the most expensive one costs $125,000. The "Ashera" is a name that the company has trademarked to describe the exotic looking creature.

The Ashera is a hybrid crossing three species of feline: the African Serval, the Asian leopard cat, and a specific domestic cat.

1 The $22,000 Ashera cat (3 pics)

2 The $22,000 Ashera cat (3 pics)

3 The $22,000 Ashera cat (3 pics)

The Ashera looks like a "mini-leopard" but is claimed to be as domesticated and affectionate as a regular old house cat.

The "Standard" Ashera (pictured above) costs $22,000. That begins to sound like a downright bargain when you read the prices on the three other types of Ashera cats available.

A "Hypoallergenic" version of the Ashera costs $37,000.

The "Snow" Ashera costs $65,000 and its price is justified because the background color is white, rather than the more common brown color of the standard Ashera.

The most expensive is the "Royal" Ashera that costs $125,000. The Royal Ashera is the world's most rare domestic cat, says Lifestyle Pets. This version of the Ashera has a cream background, but its spots and stripes are "tiger orange" instead of plain black.

Less than four Royal Ashera kittens are produced each year, says Lifestyle Pets, making it sound like a limited edition Louis Vuitton handbag. The Royal Ashera is only available to "existing clients."

Alexia Rodgriguez, a spokesperson for Lifestyle Pets, says they sell about 50 Standard Ashera cats each year. (The company offers financing options.)

It's not surprising that controversy has surrounded the Ashera cat, but not in the way you might think. Some are claiming that the Ashera cat is nothing new, and is really the Savannah cat that costs $5,000 and has been available since 2000.


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№1 Author: twofbirdrock (1 Sep 2009 15:29) Total user comments: 2

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just a cat
№2 Author: salsapopo (15 Oct 2009 14:49) Total user comments: 12722

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№3 Author: tapatio (15 Oct 2009 17:01) Total user comments: 2047

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what in the world?
№4 Author: nolife (25 Nov 2009 07:05) Total user comments: 1907

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kitty cat
№5 Author: DaeDreamer (11 Jan 2010 23:25) Total user comments: 0

Do some research.... There is no such breed. The Ashera cat is simply a Savannah being illegally resold as a new hybrid breed. O.o
№6 Author: jpear (27 Jan 2010 18:46) Total user comments: 704

Activity rewards:
I would to have one of those cats.
№7 Author: gpui (6 Feb 2010 12:34) Total user comments: 0

i would buy one tooo the snow kind and the standard

№8 Author: cherrygarcia14 (26 Apr 2010 01:45) Total user comments: 2278

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very cute[color=#CC33CC][/color] 01
№9 Author: adzhoe (2 May 2010 03:12) Total user comments: 14498

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What's in a name? Just a Genius Marketing ploy to take money from people who have way too much of it! Money that could be defenitly better spent! Nice looking cat though. P.T. once said "there's a sucker born every minute".
№10 Author: shafty37 (3 Jul 2010 21:10) Total user comments: 267

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its a cat ffs only dumb amrericans would pay that kind of money for something that would trash your furniture and bring dead rodents home.
№11 Author: fluorescentG (5 Sep 2010 02:42) Total user comments: 3958

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№12 Author: nuts2u (10 Sep 2010 05:48) Total user comments: 828

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I'll stick with my rescued cats.
№13 Author: DocMcCoy (22 May 2011 22:22) Total user comments: 6039

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Still just a stupid cat.
№14 Author: cyncAlesIcono (6 Aug 2011 07:12) Total user comments: 1

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№15 Author: quackers (13 Oct 2011 17:01) Total user comments: 4827

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a LOT OF mONEY FOR A cAT...........
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