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Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

Pics | 31 Oct, 2013 | Views: 7776 |  +19   |  

Those are not that kind of things you can be proud of.

1 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

2 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

3 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

4 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

5 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

6 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

7 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

8 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

9 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

10 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

11 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

12 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

13 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

14 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)

15 Bad Facts About the USA (15 pics)


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№1 Author: rodrigozanatta (31 Oct 2013 22:58) Total user comments: 593

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Is this true?

In USA you don't need to pay if a woman have a child? And vacation?? And even when someone is sick?

What kind of job this happens?
№2 Author: styopa (31 Oct 2013 23:50) Total user comments: 572

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It's true in the US.
If you are working a shitty job, you have no paid vacation, no maternity leave. But that's because shitty jobs are usually filled by high schoolers (teenagers) who don't need those things.

Here's a hint: if you're working at McDonald's or as a stock clerk as an adult then I guarantee that you made some stupid-ass life choices along the way, enjoy the consequences!

(In reality, this is just why more and more people vote Democrat; it's the party that believes the best policy is to take $$ from productive, hard-working people and giving it to worthless lazy people. Of course, the lazy unproductive people agree.)

The problem (for most people) is that in the US you are free to succeed, and free to fail. Most people are not interested in working hard, so most fail. Whose fault is that?
№3 Author: rodrigozanatta (1 Nov 2013 01:20) Total user comments: 593

Activity rewards:
styopa... Hum... There are some consequences in this kind of choices. I can't say what is the correct. But I believe some minimum things need to exist in a healthy society.
№4 Author: No1 (1 Nov 2013 03:54) Total user comments: 1192

Activity rewards:
BUllshit, Styopa. The "red" states, the highly conservative ones are the states that receive the most in government handouts. For every $1 in federal taxes the red states get back around $1.30. While the blue states pay a dollar and only get back $.70 on average.

the most unproductive states are the Southern Republican states. They have no jobs, terrible economies and the jobs they do have, like Wal-Mart, pay so little these people have to go on government assistance to make ends meet.

I come from a New England state. Very Blue. Very liberal. VERY wealthy and very willing to help others. In fact the millionaires that are around here in the most liberal cities and towns are the ones who vote democrat almost exclusively. So your party line of the moochers taking from the "hard-working" patriots is absolute bullshit.

The wealth in the red states is held by a MUCH smaller few. Handfuls of multi-billionaires who treat their employees like shit.

Part of the reason is, the blue states have significantly better educational systems. Better educations = better jobs and more opportunities. Hard to get an education when your conservative leaders keep saying that only certain people who are wealthy enough should have educations.

I'm liberal on many issues. Not a registered Democrat, though. But I'm so tired of hearing the same ridiculous lies being spouted off by people too stupid to know better.

If the educated "elite" as you pejoratively call them, are wealthy, AND vote for liberal leaders, how does your math hold up? Why then are the wealthiest states "blue"? How is it that those wealthy states are always at the top of the education food chains?

The biggest corporations in America have sold their workforces to India, Pakistan, and China where they can get away with legalized slavery. Offering jobs for pennies on the dollar for what they'd have to pay for American workers. Those people that got outsourced are just lazy to people like you. They aren't. They've taken shitty jobs to try and work instead of staying on welfare. Even if it means taking a job flipping burgers with a college degree.
№5 Author: synyster616 (1 Nov 2013 08:05) Total user comments: 373

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This explains why Breaking Bad makes sense
№6 Author: thughugger (1 Nov 2013 11:57) Total user comments: 1013

Activity rewards:
Stats can make any place look bad...... I have seen similar things for the UK where i am from.
They could do one for all the great things countries do and have but it would not grab as many headlines
№7 Author: mashie5 (1 Nov 2013 12:17) Total user comments: 1357

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04 04 04
№8 Author: Nef (1 Nov 2013 16:56) Total user comments: 1

Activity rewards:
styopa, Im from Argentina. If you dont know where it is, is in south america.
In Argentina we do that, we take a piece of money from the hard workers, and give it to the people who didnt have a choice, i think you called them "lazy people". Ok, i have to tell you only one thing, we are all humans, and we all have the right to make a choice, but sometimes, we dont have a choice, and we have to make the impossible to survive.
As i told you, we take a piece of money from the hard workers, then, "the lazy people" is given a job, and then the state pays them with that money.
I have to tell you, Argentina is so much better after this policy was taken.
So please, try to think, that is not the choices we make, is the choices we are givenn.
Please, if something is grammaticaly wrong... sorry.
№9 Author: LetsGetFactual (1 Nov 2013 17:05) Total user comments: 0

No1, Thank you for that! Styopa may have listened to one too many Ann Coulter rants on Glenn Beck's radio show...
№10 Author: Skurupu (1 Nov 2013 20:00) Total user comments: 354

Activity rewards:
Don't worry. The capitalist experiment is soon over, and america will fall. The poor WILL rise up against the rich. Injustice has been going on far to long.
№11 Author: Drazkovic-13 (2 Nov 2013 21:13) Total user comments: 27

Activity rewards:
I'm from AUSTRIA!! The best country in the world. I don't understand why it isn't listed in this.

Doesn't matter!

I'm so happy I wasn't born in the US!!! 54
№12 Author: Louie (3 Nov 2013 12:00) Total user comments: 8183

Activity rewards:
WOO 20
№13 Author: mashie5 (4 Nov 2013 13:22) Total user comments: 1357

Activity rewards:
I'm happy you weren't either!!! stay away
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