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Ty Webb
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E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

Pics | 23 Oct, 2009 | Views: 29156 |  +24   |  

Guiyu is the largest electronic waste (e-waste) site on Earth, according to Wikipedia. Since late 1980s a lot of e-waste from overseas has been imported to China and dismantled at Guiyu.
The state-run newspaper the Peoples Daily said in 2006 that Guiyus more than 5,500 e-waste business employed over 30,000 people.
According to the local goverment Web site, city businesses process 1,5 million tons of e-waste a year, pulling in $75 million in revenue.
As much as 80 percent of it comes from overseas.
It's as much as 10 times cheaper to export the waste to developing countries for the United States, as safety rules skyrocket domestic disposal costs, says the U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency.
Americans scrap 400 million electronic products per year, and generated 2.6 million tons of e-waste in 2005.

1 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

2 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

3 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

4 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

5 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

6 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

7 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

8 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

9 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

10 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

11 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

12 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

13 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

14 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)

15 E-Waste in Guiyu (15 pics)


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№1 Author: unknownj (23 Oct 2009 12:39) Total user comments: 427

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well at least it is put into good use after all
№2 Author: Fuzzy (23 Oct 2009 14:37) Total user comments: 1130

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№3 Author: NooFoo (23 Oct 2009 15:29) Total user comments: 798

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Considering you can get about 8 ounces of gold from 1 ton of ewaste, like chip board and electronic connectors, its a profitable business. A good running gold mine will get a few grams of gold per tonne of ore mined.

Consider that
№4 Author: khannibal (23 Oct 2009 15:38) Total user comments: 4711

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№5 Author: blaj (23 Oct 2009 16:01) Total user comments: 0

Yes, but ther are a lot of poison in it. Children burn the parts to get the valiubel parts and that smoke is very poison. They all suffer from headakes and otehr things, but they have to work to get food.
№6 Author: jpear (23 Oct 2009 16:09) Total user comments: 704

Activity rewards:
You can make a lot of money doing that. Probably not the peons just the upper dogs.
№7 Author: Ty Webb (23 Oct 2009 20:02) Total user comments: 6156

Activity rewards:
So we just dump our waiste on the Chinese so we can say that we are not poluting in our coun try.........Sometimes its hard to be proud of being an American.
№8 Author: olexo (23 Oct 2009 20:51) Total user comments: 839

Activity rewards:
wat a waste! 01
№9 Author: yamaz (24 Oct 2009 00:08) Total user comments: 570

Activity rewards:
China ALWAYS sucks, god dammit
№10 Author: bruce88lee (24 Oct 2009 07:05) Total user comments: 1818

Activity rewards:
yep thats recycling
№11 Author: ash666 (24 Oct 2009 09:02) Total user comments: 1856

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№12 Author: mudassargold (24 Oct 2009 15:32) Total user comments: 1951

Activity rewards:
great work
№13 Author: salsapopo (25 Oct 2009 09:13) Total user comments: 12722

Activity rewards:
great work
№14 Author: szagi (25 Oct 2009 13:42) Total user comments: 426

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№15 Author: saks (26 Oct 2009 00:41) Total user comments: 1

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They recycle the trash we sell them because it's more profitable to do it there than do it in our "civilized" countries. You (and I) want cheap technology and don't mind buying chinese memories or chips.
If they paid good salaries and didn't hire children we would do it instead because would be more profitable for us.
Who sucks more, the killer or the one who pays the killer?
№16 Author: pimphomie (26 Oct 2009 20:48) Total user comments: 635

Activity rewards:
I think it is a good thing. :)
№17 Author: Kitcar (30 Oct 2009 18:31) Total user comments: 0

Yes, it is a good thing that the rampant excess of the west is exposing children to mercury, arsenic and other heavy metal vapours. WTF? This is in NO way a good thing - I would agree that it was a good thing if the parts were heated in a fume hood, but you wouldn't get me to do this work without protection from the fumes for all the money in the world.
№18 Author: purplefiona (31 Oct 2009 11:03) Total user comments: 0

I completely agree with you but please do not forget the hundreds of workshops, often jewellery workshops up and down the UK in which people work with similar fumes in poor health and safety standards. Details like that are regularly ignored all over the world in metal industries by lazy bosses, not just in China.
№19 Author: parodysrivas (1 Nov 2009 12:43) Total user comments: 934

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good god...
№20 Author: RUSauditor (6 Nov 2009 11:10) Total user comments: 417

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