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First Class Travel (15 pics)

Pics | 24 Jun, 2013 | Views: 9869 |  +12   |  

Looks pretty amazing.

A fitting welcome to the First Class Terminal

1 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Top shelf selection on the house. There were more than 50 varieties of Scotch

2 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Didn't snap any pics of the cigar lounge but I enjoyed a stogie with some good rum.

When it is time to leave, you cry a little and head to this Porsche in which you are driven to the plane.

3 First Class Travel (15 pics)

We had a few minutes to kill so the driver took us around the tarmac to see the new 747-8i (not pictured)

4 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Going up

5 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Into First Class. The entire upper deck of the 747 is first class. There are eight seats

6 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Why turn your seat into a bed when you can have both?

7 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Amenity kit, Bose headphones, pajamas, cushy pillow & blanket

8 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Even the clouds look better

9 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Airplane food?!

10 First Class Travel (15 pics)


11 First Class Travel (15 pics)

Come on now!

12 First Class Travel (15 pics)

This has to be some kind of joke!

13 First Class Travel (15 pics)


14 First Class Travel (15 pics)

To top it all off: Fresh in-flight espresso

15 First Class Travel (15 pics)


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№1 Author: 1234 (24 Jun 2013 01:06) Total user comments: 1847

Activity rewards:
02 one can only wish...but does the tv screen pull out so you can watch it laying down

07 im sure some one will complain about that

still not better then emirates experience tho
№2 Author: CabezaCM (24 Jun 2013 03:10) Total user comments: 104

Activity rewards:
i never flew anywhere... damn 02
Argentina sucks in many ways... this is one of them. Our air line is a pit of corruption
№3 Author: Ciinm (24 Jun 2013 04:49) Total user comments: 3

Activity rewards:
one time i got late for the check-in and the flight was oversold, so they gave me 1st class sit, it wasn't as awesome as this but it was grate anyways, and for common sit money
№4 Author: fluorescentG (24 Jun 2013 18:47) Total user comments: 3958

Activity rewards:
espresso is fabulous idea
№5 Author: Lu (24 Jun 2013 19:32) Total user comments: 14793

Activity rewards:
Wow! Only for the super rich.
№6 Author: Aindy (25 Jun 2013 00:55) Total user comments: 1756

Activity rewards:
In the USA, first class is the same as business class in the rest of the world.
Classes go like this: Economy, (sometimes Economy plus), Business class (known as first class in US), First class, (Private Jet)

Unless you can afford to fly like that, DONT fly anywhere. You know them tins of tuna? That fish travels better than you do in economy.
№7 Author: adzhoe (25 Jun 2013 06:55) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
nice way to travel
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