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How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Pics | 12 Jun, 2013 | Views: 9983 |  +11   |  

One guy lost a bet and Owed his friend a $15 Dunkin Donuts gift card. This is what he did.

Step 1: Lock card in tricky mind puzzle

1 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 2: Cover in 5 alternating layers of plastic wrap and Gorilla Glue

2 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 3: Cover in many layers of awesome mustachio duct tape

3 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 4: Knot entire package in 200 feet of string, then place inside Glad ware and Gorilla Glue closed

4 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 5: Tape around glad ware, and place ensemble in lock box along with an awesome picture of yourself mocking the intended recipient

5 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 6: Lock said lock box, wrap with bike lock, and lock bike lock with padlock

6 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 7: Place lock box key and pad lock key in individual pieces of crumpled notebook paper. Place lock box, keys, and 55 other "decoy" pieces of paper into large container

7 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 8: Use 15 feet of chain, combination lock, and banana to Houdini the entire thing closed

8 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 9: Include a Sudoku puzzle that needs to be solved to obtain the combination to the combination lock

9 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)

Step 10: Tape it up and you're ready to go! (Banana for scale)

10 How to Win a Bet When You Lost It (10 pics)


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№1 Author: adzhoe (12 Jun 2013 03:36) Total user comments: 14625

Activity rewards:
In otherwords....How to never bet with anybody ever again...
№2 Author: _HIM_ (12 Jun 2013 05:20) Total user comments: 266

Activity rewards:
he spent more than 15 usd doing that, so, not very effective
№3 Author: Dale (12 Jun 2013 06:33) Total user comments: 0

Friend says, "Well I still won the bet" walks away and leaves this moron with the stupid box.
№4 Author: 1234 (12 Jun 2013 06:48) Total user comments: 1847

Activity rewards:
02 now that's just been bad sport...
№5 Author: bitchy-cool-kid (12 Jun 2013 08:34) Total user comments: 0

actually id love unwrapping it.
№6 Author: NIA666 (12 Jun 2013 09:41) Total user comments: 0

I would simply encase it in concrete block. Chisel and hammer handed optionally.
№7 Author: thughugger (12 Jun 2013 10:36) Total user comments: 1013

Activity rewards:
Bad Loser!
№8 Author: mashie5 (12 Jun 2013 14:16) Total user comments: 1357

Activity rewards:
na, he's just having fun with it. sudoku was a nice touch
№9 Author: rnq (12 Jun 2013 16:45) Total user comments: 0

sudokou: 1 3 2 7 2 1
№10 Author: random player (12 Jun 2013 17:35) Total user comments: 0

actually he spent more money doing this, than paying the origial bid.
№11 Author: Lu (12 Jun 2013 18:14) Total user comments: 14801

Activity rewards:
Maybe he will take the challenge of opening it.
№12 Author: $15? (12 Jun 2013 19:05) Total user comments: 0

More like how to lose a $15 bet and lose some $20 more.
№13 Author: Louie (12 Jun 2013 22:42) Total user comments: 8183

Activity rewards:
№14 Author: pedro carlos (13 Jun 2013 10:49) Total user comments: 743

Activity rewards:
At first I was like hahaha this is fun... but then, at step 4 i was like this is bullshit
№15 Author: Wulfruna (13 Jun 2013 13:23) Total user comments: 141

Activity rewards:
It would take him less effort to get into it than it took the other bloke to sort it all out. And he gets a new bike lock, case and banana out of the deal.
№16 Author: Forfattare (14 Jun 2013 02:16) Total user comments: 896

Activity rewards:
set it on fire till you reach the lock box, find the key in the ashes and open it, using a saw cut that stupid tape/string package in half till you reach your card, buy a large hot coffee and throw it on your friend face and laugh while eating a donut
№17 Author: fluorescentG (14 Jun 2013 18:10) Total user comments: 3958

Activity rewards:
revenge brings forth boners
№18 Author: JALKMFE (14 Jun 2013 20:37) Total user comments: 0

He identifies himself as the guy who's to be avoided when betting, playing, gaming, going to the bar, or any other activity. He's an honest stupid trying to be funny, like me.
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