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Entombed Cat (9 pics)

Pics | 1 May, 2013 | Views: 10047 |  +20   |  

Hole in the wall for new integrated bookshelf

1 Entombed Cat (9 pics)

Shelf almost complete. Just have to add backing

2 Entombed Cat (9 pics)

Installed in wall, a perfect fit

3 Entombed Cat (9 pics)

Trimmed and painted. I came back in the morning to a faint meowing coming from inside the wall..

4 Entombed Cat (9 pics)

Pinpointed the source of the meowing. The drawers on the far right of the room seem to be the best place to cut an opening

5 Entombed Cat (9 pics)

6 Entombed Cat (9 pics)

The opening

7 Entombed Cat (9 pics)

There you are!

8 Entombed Cat (9 pics)

I'm back.
Also, I may or may not have pooped in here.

9 Entombed Cat (9 pics)


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№1 Author: No1 (1 May 2013 01:35) Total user comments: 1193

Activity rewards:
I had a cat do that to me once. I was pulling up floorboards to fix a warped beam. Got it all buttoned up and I heard this crying. He had crawled all the way to the outer wall of the house. I had to rip them back up again. LOL
№2 Author: adzhoe (1 May 2013 05:28) Total user comments: 14616

Activity rewards:
№3 Author: thughugger (1 May 2013 11:22) Total user comments: 1013

Activity rewards:
almost lost a life
№4 Author: MonkeyMonster (1 May 2013 11:24) Total user comments: 241

Activity rewards:
If the cat was behind a set of drawers, what does the bookshelf have to do with the story? Is he just showing off his craftsmanship?
№5 Author: yasirkajak (1 May 2013 14:40) Total user comments: 401

Activity rewards:
lol 09
№6 Author: Jinxaruny (1 May 2013 17:19) Total user comments: 10324

Activity rewards:
Silly kitty!
№7 Author: Lu (1 May 2013 19:18) Total user comments: 14800

Activity rewards:
Almost a smelly book rack.
№8 Author: harmonyqsue (3 May 2013 00:43) Total user comments: 0

the cat got in by way of the new bookcase hole, but since that was completed, and new and pretty, owner had to get him out somewhere it wouldn't show, hence the drawers on same wall but not in first two pictures.
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