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Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

Pics | 1 Mar, 2013 | Views: 19708 |  +59   |  

Visual effects are one of the most important parts of the movies today. Let's see why.

1 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

2 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

3 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

4 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

5 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

6 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

7 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

8 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

9 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

10 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

11 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

12 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)

13 Why Visual Effects Are So Important (13 pics)


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№1 Author: Brian_Connery (1 Mar 2013 02:41) Total user comments: 332

Activity rewards:
somebody feels left out 11
№2 Author: Pedro_Sanchez (1 Mar 2013 03:08) Total user comments: 119

Activity rewards:
is that how they made toy story?
№3 Author: TheIronSea (1 Mar 2013 04:25) Total user comments: 929

Activity rewards:
Avatar me da asco, en serio como mierda le pues gustar esa basura a ala gente. 39 32
№4 Author: Samuel (1 Mar 2013 06:06) Total user comments: 0

It sucks I agree, you still got paid for it. Make a movie of your own if you want.
№5 Author: adzhoe (1 Mar 2013 08:34) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
ok, they pitched their bitch...
№6 Author: Jimmy Johnson (1 Mar 2013 08:43) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
Then lets thank everyone that contributed to making the movie, including the set-builders, catering service, electricians, designers, make-up artists, lighting crew, drivers, security personnel, and technicians that kept all the equipment operating.
№7 Author: Louie (1 Mar 2013 10:59) Total user comments: 8183

Activity rewards:
№8 Author: doer of things (1 Mar 2013 20:55) Total user comments: 0

Noone needs to thank you for anything. You do it because its what you chose to do. Sure you were a big part of things, but dont expect things just because. Stop this we have feelings too crap.
№9 Author: hmx (2 Mar 2013 10:17) Total user comments: 435

Activity rewards:
El oficio de actor puede ser muy aburrido a veces 02
№10 Author: kickemwhentheyredown (3 Mar 2013 06:20) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
Considering the vfx art studios are the reason that many of us watch movies in the first place, I can see why they want some recognition. That, and the fact that they get paid a miniscule amount compared to one actor that many of these studios are going out of business. Especially the studio that made Life of Pi.
№11 Author: Jimmy Johnson (3 Mar 2013 21:27) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
Don't bid on the contract for the pay you agreed to.

How is that any different from any other piece-work business?

Let's name a few - Demolition, cement contractors, renovators, private garbage removal, private janitorial services, residential/office cleaning services, re-cyclers, plumbers, irrigation and excavation contractors, etc.

Graphic artists are the least paid in the IT industry because it doesn't take talent to use Photoshop and other video manipulation software. It just takes time to wait around for compiling.

If their work was so hard to replace, they would be paid more.
№12 Author: YeahRight (4 Mar 2013 02:18) Total user comments: 1632

Activity rewards:
...and there are still idiots who think this stuff is real.... 13 15 61 61 61 61
№13 Author: kickemwhentheyredown (4 Mar 2013 02:54) Total user comments: 2

Activity rewards:
To Jimmy J.

Dang, did a vfx artist do something to you to bash the rest of them? All I said was these guys do a great job and god bless'em for making such visually stunning works. But you're right, we don't need these guys. Who cares if they helped to create Pan's Labyrinth, Nightmare Before Christmas, Wall-E, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Avatar, and 9, just to name a few beautiful movies, not to mention all the horror movies and video games ever made in the world. Who cares if there are just so many artists and studios who have something to prove that they're willing to go less than their worth to get the job and add something to portfolio. They're just talentless hacks who mask layers and render random shapes together--I mean, these guys don't use any creativity or imagination at all. Good on you for pointing that out. And Good job on spitting on everyone else who submits visually appealing and artistic images and vids on this site just for you to pass the time with. Thanks.
№14 Author: Jimmy Johnson (5 Mar 2013 03:49) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
To kick-etc.

Dang, is the real world that hard to comprehend? If you understood how this industry pays, then I wouldn't reply to such uneducated responses.

If you want to make money in graphic IT then design video game graphics, which are much more difficult to do. Nintendo and Sony makes money in inter-active digital graphic video, not static graphics. There's a difference between programming and using software. Creators of software are typically paid more because the parent company seeks patents for use with licensing other intermediates, users, and such.

Ask anyone at Microsoft designing software if they're underpaid. Thanks.
№15 Author: EnemmyV2 (1 May 2013 04:54) Total user comments: 0

I've had conversations about this, but look, If you like to do VFX and would love the job (like I would someday) you dont need people to mention you, screw that, If you like what you do, you dont need people to cheer to you, Im okay thinking you will live doing what you like to do.

Also, the people average/normal people who go to cinema DON'T even care about who the director is, when the movie ends they just stand up and go, thats all, SO, why would you fight for something that average people WON'T even notice, thats how I see it.

Just think about it, the average buildings (in real life) you see in a normal day: Shoping mart, Cinema, Bank, even awesome houses, etc, they all took a lot of time and money to one or various Architects, and average people ain't gonna be like "Wow, who was the architect who did this?", no dude. Do what you like and live with it.
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