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Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

Pics | 1 Mar, 2013 | Views: 4885 |  -3   |  

The North Florida Survival Group trains children and adults alike to handle weapons and survive in the wild. The group passionately supports the right of U.S. citizens to bear arms.

1 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

2 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

3 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

4 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

5 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

6 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

7 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

8 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

9 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

10 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

11 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

12 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

13 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

14 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

15 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

16 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

17 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

18 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

19 Kids Survival Training (19 pics)

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№1 Author: sergiofx (1 Mar 2013 02:57) Total user comments: 716

Activity rewards:
It's stuff like this that makes me NOT feel bad for USA citizens and what happens to them when a psycho goes on a killing spree.

Im sorry, but I had to say it. 04

Shame on people like this. We have failed as humans. Its pathetic...
№2 Author: e229 (1 Mar 2013 03:04) Total user comments: 188

Activity rewards:
nothing wrong with that, i learned this as a kid also. Teaches respect for weapons.
№3 Author: polo (1 Mar 2013 04:25) Total user comments: 173

Activity rewards:
How is this bad? As far as I know people that have gone on a killing spree do not have any training. Unless of course they went to war and have trauma effects, but thats different.
№4 Author: Jimmy Johnson (1 Mar 2013 09:31) Total user comments: 5518

Activity rewards:
So you have to be at least 18, and in most states 21, to drink in the US, but it's perfectly fine for an 8 year old to use a firearm.

№5 Author: adzhoe (1 Mar 2013 09:33) Total user comments: 14614

Activity rewards:
For now, they get to have fun outdoors,etc...
№6 Author: symon (1 Mar 2013 16:54) Total user comments: 232

Activity rewards:
Just thankful i dont live in this crazy country . Loons ..
№7 Author: styopa (1 Mar 2013 18:16) Total user comments: 571

Activity rewards:
Some people are absolutely, irrationally terrified of firearms.
Other people just see them as a dangerous tool, like a nailgun or chainsaw.

Better that they know how to safely handle and use such a tool, than don't.

BTW: I challenge you to find a single 'shooting spree' killer that went through such training. That's just lazy, sloppy, political thinking on your part.
№8 Author: Turnip (1 Mar 2013 20:21) Total user comments: 83

Activity rewards:
Imposing this twisted survivalist bullshit on children and then teaching them to use weapons as if they are toys. Bodes well for the future doesn't it?
№9 Author: Captain Anus (2 Mar 2013 00:27) Total user comments: 309

Activity rewards:
№10 Author: John Smith (2 Mar 2013 20:28) Total user comments: 0

Lets see here, we have children soilders in Africa, we have mass starvation in multiple (if not all) places of the world, we have a global meltdown, but yet after all that, a group of people that see trouble coming and are preparing means we have failed as humans? I am afraid that people that see any problem with this are simply not aware of the current path the world is on. When the hard times come, it will be people like this that are going to be the only hope for freedom in this world. When the grocery stores have no food, the gas stations have no gasoline, and people are rioting and killing each other over basic supplies, suddenly you will see these people in a different light. It is people like this that make me proud to be an American, and it is people like this that are the only reason you have any freedoms at all. You would know that if you paid attention to what is actually going on instead of what the talking heads tell you.
№11 Author: NAK5891 (3 Mar 2013 07:19) Total user comments: 61

Activity rewards:
Oh man, what evil people!!! How dare they teach children survival skills and weapons training. How dare they live in a country with such freedoms!?!?
№12 Author: MWarrior (3 Mar 2013 13:41) Total user comments: 778

Activity rewards:
Sergiofx (whom I know from elsewhere ;) : Shooting sprees, schools and such, are almost always due to people with mental disorders, not some fringe group of Florida "survivalists". I'm sure you know better than to lump 300 million people in with some tiny camp in Florida.

symon: We'll somehow try to muddle through without you, mate. Oh, and SOCCER!

Captain Anus: Very original. Well crafted. Comedy gold.
№13 Author: Mr.Nothing (3 Mar 2013 21:46) Total user comments: 0

The kids aren't using them like toys. The instructors are probably telling them five hundred times that "Guns are not toys."

In my opinion: Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns are just the modern way of doing it.
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