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What It Would Actually Cost to Live on Mars (infographic)

Pics | 5 Feb, 2013 | Views: 5118 |  +8   |  

Looks expensive.

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1 What It Would Actually Cost to Live on Mars (infographic)


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№1 Author: TheIronSea (5 Feb 2013 02:50) Total user comments: 929

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Ejem... soar no cuesta nada. 08
№2 Author: Jimmy Johnson (5 Feb 2013 03:58) Total user comments: 5518

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But once you get there, think of all the free energy with no atmosphere to filter the sun's UV energy and radiation.
№3 Author: 1234 (5 Feb 2013 04:14) Total user comments: 1847

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OK i just got of the phone with china and india

china said if spacex doing it for 48b will do it for half of that india said we will do it for 10% of what china who wants to go to mars for 1 year ? lol i rather take the 2.5million time cruses....1 round trip and give me the rest of the money back... there so much out there on our planet to be explored then empty planet
№4 Author: abc (5 Feb 2013 13:14) Total user comments: 0

why are we paying the money. to use resources of this planet to reach that planet. foolishness. impractical. theoretically possible. mindless. instead use these resources to make your own planet a better place to live. don't waste earth's fuel and metals into space you get nothing from there but some rock samples and alien foot stories. but i wonder property rates on mars must be very cheap because of few buyers. lol. instead spend on a long rope and tie the two planets and try to pull them out of strong orbital forces and bring them closer so you can destroy that planet too like earth. :P
№5 Author: Joseph Paul (5 Feb 2013 15:06) Total user comments: 0

Actually Mars does have an atmosphere it simply doesnt support human life. it being primarily composed of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen making it rather toxic.
№6 Author: mahedi (5 Feb 2013 15:35) Total user comments: 10756

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I am happy with my WORLD
№7 Author: Lu (5 Feb 2013 20:36) Total user comments: 14801

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And all the fat people will be happy there because they will weigh less.
№8 Author: johnny Reynoso (5 Feb 2013 21:03) Total user comments: 3712

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04 wooooooow creo que me ire estas vacaciones al espacio hahahahaha
№9 Author: Jimmy Johnson (5 Feb 2013 22:46) Total user comments: 5518

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OK fine - An atmosphere composed of 95.3% carbon dioxide, of which 25% is frozen at any given time. Which doesn't make the Mar's atmosphere very effective at filtering UV energy or radiation.

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